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Logistic and supply chain

No description

Nwh Cynthia

on 10 August 2014

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Transcript of Logistic and supply chain

Supply Chain & Logistics
Total Rewards Management
What makes Singapore unique in the industry
The S.C&L Industry in Singapore
Base Pay
Private Medical Insurance (PMI)
Health Care Program
“Earn & Learn”program
Empower part-time employees to further develop their careers by advancing their education

Mentorship Program
Employees are supported by experienced managers and
given individual coaching
leadership development
on a multicultural level across all our businesses
The program targets
high-potential employees
who are interested in an international career.
From Within
Promoting our people from within
is a long tradition at UPS.
Part-time workers moving into full-time positions
Non-management employees moving into management positions
Supervisors and managers moving into positions of greater responsibility
Global Executive
Leadership Program (GELP)

senior middle managers
the opportunity to set up cross-divisional networks, explore the latest business strategies and to develop leadership skill

Expansion of participants' knowledge base
about other division within the DHL group, sharpening thier customer's focus
Getting them to “settle down” might be made easier by providing bonuses based on performance. Given the added responsibilities logistics managers are taking on these days, we expect them to work smarter and be more efficient
And if they can contribute to the company’s bottom line, they should get something beyond their salary at the end of the year.

Variable Pay
Short Term Incentives
Long Term Incentives
allas. “Given the added responsibilities lyear.”

-Brenda Gautier, director of carrier engagement for MW Logistics, LLC in Dallas.
Employees working under collective wage agreements receive a variable bonus of between

5 %


17.5 %

of the annual base salary.

All non-executive, non-tariff employees receive an annual salary made up of an annual base salary and an orientation bonus

17.5 %

40 %

of the annual base salary.

Part of the orientation bonus is based on the company's performance while the other part is determined by the individual's job performance and the meeting of set targets.

Work Life Balance
Performance and Recognition
Performance based scheme that acts as a key tool in delivering the objectives of the Group.

A new scheme was introduced in 2009 to increase the
emphasis on reward for performance
, to tie in the new leadership behaviours that
feed a high performance culture
, and
reinforce the success of the overall Group performance

What does the Logistics Industry do?
In layman's terms,the logistics industry is the critical link between manufacturers' of goods and services to the end-consumer. The companies involved in this industry ensure the smooth flow of goods between these two points.
Development & Career opportunities
Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
Distributed to individuals within FedEx for outstanding performance beyond normal job expectations.
reward employees
for outstanding efforts and achievement
on the spot
Rewards may include "quick cash" bonuses, theatre tickets, dinner gift certificates, and other gifts of similar value.

The Five Star award recognises team members who have
enhanced service and profitability and exemplified the spirit of teamwork.
Managers nominate their team members for this annual award, the highest honour at FedEx.

Singapore is ranked the
No. 1 Logistics Hub
amongst 155 countries globally in the 2012 Logistics Performance Index by the world bank
It is a prime location for major logistics firms,
with 20 of the top 25 global logistics players conducting operations here.
these include DHL, Kuehne + Nagel, Sankyu, Schenker, Toll, UPS and Yusen Logistics, who have regional or global headquarter functions in Singapore.

With a throughput of 29.37 million TEU’s, Singapore was the
second largest container port
in 2011. Singapore’s seaport is linked to 600 ports in 123 countries via 200 shipping lines.

Singapore’s Changi airport is served by over 4500 flights connecting to 200 cities in 60 countries, and
ranked 10th worldwide in terms of cargo handled
, with 2.09 million tons in 2011.

As of 2010, there were more than 7000 logistics companies in Singapore, employing over 180,000 people (around
9% of the total workforce
), and the industry contributed
9% to Singapore’s GDP,
some 13.4 billion dollars.

Reduce Shipping Rates
Discounted Travel
Company cars for business-need drivers.
Choice of cash allowance or car offered to status-perk drivers.
offered to about 8,000 employee
with family cover added for certain job grades
strategic location
in the heart of Southeast Asia and at the nexus of major shipping lanes has made it an important logistics hub and conduit for world trade

Life Insurance
Sickness & accident Insurance

Cancer Insurance
Child/Eldercare Spending Accounts

Chicagoland Regional College Program (CRCP)
James E. Casey Scholarship Program
The George D. Smith Scholarship Program
Its world-class port infrastructure, efficient customs and excellent connectivity, financial stability, well-established physical and IT infrastructure allowed Singapore to dominate the industry comparatively to its size to become the preferred logistics and supply chain management hub for leading players across many industries

Singapore's regional competitors include Japan and Hong Kong
Medical coverage and dental coverage
Financial security in retirement
Exclusive discounts for personal shipping
Discounts on air tickets
1. Account Executive
FedEx Avg. Annual Salary:

2. Courier / Messenger
FedEx Avg. Annual Salary: $42,926

3. Customer Service Representative
FedEx Avg. Annual Salary: $34,443

4. Dispatcher
FedEx Avg. Annual Salary:

5. Loader & Unloader
FedEx Avg. Annual Salary: $26,858

6. Package Handler
FedEx Avg. Annual Salary:

7. Pilot
FedEx Avg. Annual Salary:

8. Truck Driver - Light or Delivery Services
FedEx Avg. Annual Salary: $38,465

1. Account Executive
UPS Avg. Annual Salary: $67,198

2. Courier / Messenger
UPS Avg. Annual Salary:

3. Customer Service Representative
UPS Avg. Annual Salary: $31,625

4. Dispatcher
UPS Avg. Annual Salary: $44,942

5. Loader & Unloader
UPS Avg. Annual Salary:

6. Package Handler
UPS Avg. Annual Salary: $22,637

7. Pilot
UPS Avg. Annual Salary: $182,000

8. Truck Driver - Light or Delivery Services
UPS Avg. Annual Salary:
1. Account Executive
DHL Avg. Annual Salary: $60,217

2. Courier / Messenger
DHL Avg. Annual Salary: $26,000

3. Customer Service Representative
DHL Avg. Annual Salary:

4. Dispatcher
DHL Avg. Annual Salary: $43,000

5. Loader & Unloader
DHL Avg. Annual Salary: $20,500

6. Package Handler
DHL Avg. Annual Salary: $23,040

7. Pilot
DHL Avg. Annual Salary: $157,127

8. Truck Driver - Light or Delivery Services
DHL Avg. Annual Salary: $53,400

UPS Healthcare benefits
We want our employees to
feel at home
in our company.
For this reason, we have also thought about their families
Family Service (Flexible work-schedule modules)
After Parental Leave
YEP! (Youth Exchange Program)
Recreation program (Budget vacations for employees)

Annually recognised for
going above and beyond
through the FedEx Humanitarian Award.

The award recognises employees who reach out to others in times of need, exhibiting behaviour that goes above and beyond basic community responsibility.

Health and
wellness Program
UPS University
Evaluation & Reccomandation
Women's Leadership Development

The goals of the program are to:
Improve retention
of women at supervisor and manager levels.
Develop women on the management team to enrich our pipeline of talent for
higher level positions.
Position UPS for future business growth opportunities with women entrepreneurs.

Employees can access a full library of on-demand online courses, and continue to explore traditional and non-traditional methods for delivering consistent training to UPSers around the world.
The Humanitarian Award
Bravo Zulu
The Five Star
Purple Promise

Team members who
consistently deliver superior customer service
and make each and every FedEx experience outstanding are eligible for the annual Purple Promise awards.
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