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Running of the Bulls

No description

Allyson Monson

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Running of the Bulls

Running of the Bulls
Pros and Cons
Running with the Bulls-
• A tradition that goes back centuries
• A way for the people of Pamplona to remember their history and celebrate their heritage
• The thousands of people who come to attend the running of the bulls every year bring tourist dollars into the local economy
• This money helps sustain the economy of Pamplona since it’s not a major tourist destination other than at this event
• Bulls are uncontrolled and there is no separation between the bulls and the people so the running of the bulls can be very dangerous for participants
• Those who ignore the rules or are intoxicated may find themselves an easier target to get trampled and gored by the bulls
• Animal cruelty
• Many of the bulls later go on to die in bullfighting rings

Running of the Bulls
People run with bulls through the cobble stone streets into a bull ring. When the bulls catch up with the people, they may be stabbed with a horn, trampled, and even die. The run usually lasts 3-4 minutes depending on the distance. Takes place annually in Pamplona Spain. Also, it came to America and took place in Virginia. The sport is all about bulls, blood, and beer!
Bullfights or Fiesta Brava
Matador performs different moves using a red cloth to attract the bull.
Activities at bullfights include rodeos, pig chases, and dances before the fight. At the end, the bull is killed with a sword. Some people do not approve of bullfights because it is dangerous and inhumane. At one point, you had to be 18 to go to a bullfight. But people protested by bringing their families.
Before the Fight
Bull is kept in a dark room without food nor water.
Hit with bags of wet sand in the ribs and kidneys.
Vaseline is put in eyes to weaken vision.
Cotton balls put in nostrils and throat.
Horses feature in bull fights also. When they do, they get rid of the horse's voice box so the crowd can't hear that it's hurt. The bull will eventually stab the horse with its horn.
• Will entertain the audience and some could even win some cash
• Get good exercise when running from the bulls
• Tourism- helps the economy
• It is very fatal to both the bull and the matador
• Also dangerous to the audience because sometimes the bulls get out of the arena and attack the audience
• You could get seriously injured or die if the bull tramples or gorges you
• Animal cruelty
• Bulls could die
Running With the Bulls History
It originated to honor St. Fermin, who is the patron saint of Pamplona. The runner's attire is in honer of him. The white pants and shirt symbolize sainthood while the red bandanna symbolize that he was a martyr. The festival begins July 7th and goes through the 14th. It became widely popular after Ernest Hemingway's book "The Sun Also Rises." It all started as a way to move the bulls from Pamplona's corral to its bull fighting ring. People then dicided to run with them. It's said that the tradition of running with the bulls didn't happen until the 1800s although the practice of transporting the bulls has been traced to as long ago as the 13th century. as people run, some sing to St. Fermin and ask him to guise them, although it is questionable if this is working. Each year people are injured and since 1924 14 people have been killed at the St. Fermin Festival alone with the most recent being in 2009. Although this tradition is dangerous it does help the tourist business. it is estimated that this year 1.6 million people will come to spectate the run.
- The first ever recorded bullfight took place in 1133 at Vera Logro in honor of the corination of king Alfonso VII
-For the last 400 years it has been the most popular sport in Spain
-Two of the most popular location where the fights are held: Plaza de Toros de Ronda and laza de Toros de Valencis

Bull Fight History
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Because of the torture to the bulls and the danger of it all, in our own opinion, we should not allow tourists to experience it. Even though it is part of Spanish culture, some Americans may not be able to handle it.
Starts with a parade called paseillo
Stage 1- Tercio de Varas (third of lances)
Stage 2- Tercio de bonderillas (third of flags)
Stage 3- Tercio de Muerte (third of death)
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