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From the Classroom to the Boardroom: A Synergistic Approach to Building Diverse Talent Pipelines Between Universities and Businesses

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Ashlie Grundy

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of From the Classroom to the Boardroom: A Synergistic Approach to Building Diverse Talent Pipelines Between Universities and Businesses

Wrap Up/ Survey Instructions
Kaiser Permanente
Successful College/Business Partnerships
Strategically Attend Events
Educational Trends
Student Hurdle # 1
Tight Recruiting Budgets
Diversity Challenges Facing Businesses
Latino and Black Buying Power
From the Classroom to the Boardroom:

A Synergistic Approach to Building Diverse Talent Pipelines Between Universities and Businesses
Choosing Less Diverse Metro Areas
Business Case for Diversity
Silver Lining
Serilda McGee, MBA, M.Ed

Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Our cause is health.
Our passion is service.
We're here to make lives better.
* 8 geographic regions
* 189, 865 employees and physicians
* 36 million outpatient visits
* Deliver 92,000 babies per year
* Perform 169,000 inpatient surgeries
* Fill some 70 million prescriptions
Part 1 - Business Case for Diversity

Part 2 - Diversity Challenges Facing Businesses

Part 3 - Student Hurdles

Part 4 - Successful College/Business Relationships - Audience Discussion

Part 5 - Kaiser Permanente Northwest Programming

Wrap Up & Survey
Buying Power
An assessment of an individual's or organization's disposable income regarded as conferring the power to make purchases.

In order to participate:

Five or more years old

Employ at least 1,000 regular full and part-time employees in the United States

Administer Employee survey - Trust Index and Culture Audit

Pass assessment
In order to participate:

An organization must have at least 1,000 employees and fill out our detailed 300-question survey

Survey divided into four equally weighted areas:
CEO Commitment
Human Capital,
Corporate and Organizational Communications
Supplier Diversity

Each company is judged within its own industry
Market Comparison - General Mills
Northwest - Professional Profiles
Student Hurdle # 2
Lack of Cultural Awareness
Do Not Quit
Westside Medical Hospital
The new facility is one of only 29 hospitals in the United States (and 39 in the world) to be LEED Gold certified. We are the first KP facility to earn this certification.

The new facility uses 27 percent less energy than the state requires. (That’s the equivalent of ridding the roads of 1,000 cars for a year.)
Westside Hospital
Progression of Diversity
National Progression of Diversity
Does embracing diversity equal
company success?
Audience Discussion
What programming has been implemented on your campuses, that have provided underrepresented students with professional development opportunities while in school?
Looking Forward
32,968 new students are needed each year
Access to professional development opportunities

= Increase of Diversity in Qualified Applicant Pool
Retrieved from Catalyst, 2013
Retrieved from Association Management Inc., 2013
U.S Census Data
Student Hurdle #3
Close-minded Management
Be Persistent
Business Case for Diversity Summary
Why is diversity important to businesses?
Diversity Challenges Facing Businesses
Why do companies find it difficult to find qualified minority talent?
Student Hurdles
Student Hurdles' Summary
1. Organizational agility

2. Evolution of consumers and their buying power

3. Company diversity and marketplace performance

1. Applicants are unqualified.

2. Location preference of professionals of color

3. Students of color lack access to professional development opportunities.
What hurdles do students or recent graduates face in the job market?
1. Tight recruiting budgets

2. Lack of cultural awareness

3. Close-minded management
U.S Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Integrated Post secondary
Education Data System (IPEDS), Fall 2010, Completions Component
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