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Plasma (The Fourth State Of Matter)

Learn about the fourth state of matter.

Taara Bhaskaruni

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of Plasma (The Fourth State Of Matter)

The Fourth State of Matter
by taara bhaskaruni
what is plasma?
Plasma is the fourth state of matter. It is a lot like gas but it is made up of different atoms. Plasma atoms are free electrons and ions of any element.
when DO Plasmas occur?
Plasmas occur at extreme hot temperatures. The high temperatures charge up the atoms to create plasma. For example, if you heat a liquid, it becomes gas. If you heat gas, it becomes plasma.
one example of plasma:
One example of plasma is a neon sign. Neon signs are glass tubes filled with a colored neon gas. When the sign turns on, electricity flows through the glass tube. It charges the gas in the tube and creates plasma. The plasma glows a certain color, depending on what type of gas is inside the tube.
How is plasma created?
Plasma contains free electrons and ions, or atoms that have a different amount of protons and electrons. Energy separates the electrons from the atoms, creating plasma. If there is not enough energy, the plasma turns back to gas.
fun facts:
other Examples of plasma:
Neon Sign
Comet Tail
Plasma is the most common element in the universe. ( All stars are made of plasma.)
Water turns into plasma when it is 100,000 degrees Celsius.
Plasma was used when a nuclear bomb was created.
Another example of plasma:
Another example of plasma is the sun. The sun, like other stars, really is a huge ball of gas at an extremely high temperature. The hot temperature causes the hydrogen and helium atoms to charge up and create plasma.
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