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E-Learning Platform for music: Virtual West African Drumming

No description

Ama Agyeman

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of E-Learning Platform for music: Virtual West African Drumming

E-Learning Platform for music: Virtual West African Drumming.

Aoyama Takumi
Ama Agyeman
Mughni Adediran

Virtual West African drumming software (VWAD) developed by Wells Academy, UK.
Assessing relation to meaningful learning
Multi-representational: combination of videos and text to aid users
Continuation of Assessment
Emotionally-involving: motivation and interest is required for successful knowledge acquisition.
Conclusion: Prospects and limits
Can it be guided?
Wells Music Academy is a specialist music school
It teaches music and develops various e-learning tools for music.
It has developed other innovative softwares for learning music
The Software aims at bringing various aspects of West African drumming and music closer to diverse audiences.
It is designed for use by teachers and students and music enthusiasts
Active and Self-directed: users can create content and evaluate.
Individual: students can pick which aspects to focus on depending on interests or level of expertise
Concrete learning: It is mostly based on a set of pre-loaded materials and set rules.
How can it be collaborative,contextual and conversational?
How to make it creative?
What is the added value?
Provisions for peer review?
*The teacher as a designer
Kiitos kuunteluun
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