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Poverty in India

Persuasive Essay

Raghava Sriramaneni

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Poverty in India

Side B Poverty in India and Solutions to end the problems Circumstances that lead to Poverty in India
The way in which poverty can touch all races and ethnicities
Ways in which government can work to end poverty Circumstances lead to poverty Unemployment
Lack of education Begging is very Challenging in India Organized by Different Groups
Govt- Eradicate
Anti Begging Committee Impact of Poverty on Children Education Not attending schools
Government - poverty
not on Economic Growth Solutions Govt- New and Effective Schemes
Adapting some programs from US
Basic Medical Insurance 65 yrs old
Food Stamps
Monthly Pay Checks to the poor
Donation & Volunteering
The Epidemic of Poor can touch any of our lives
Govt- Encourage and Implement New Schemes - funds can reach to the poor Side A Poverty in India Government - provide the basic needs to the poor Govt Funds getting Diverted
Eg. Funds to Common Wealth games 2010
Many Funds swollen by Middle man
Monitoring System- like special NGOs
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