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The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson

A book of Sgt. John Wilson

bobby hill

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson

The secret lives of Sgt. John Wilson Timeline Book 1 Book 2 Jack marries
Jessie on
29, 1918. On January 6
Wilson got
re-engaged with
the Mounties. On January 21
Jack and Jessie
left for
Blairmore,Alberta. On October 30, 1919 staff sergeant Herbert
Darling phone Thelma
Wilson. On Sunday, November 10
Jack arrived in
Regina by train. Jack wrote his
first statement
in a guard room during his first court
case. On November 13, 1919 The Saskatoon daily star reported the murder case of Mary Wilson. The day the
story broke, Commissioner Perry wrote to Elizabeth Craigabout
the events of John Wilson. John was wakened at 5:45 for breakfast and then walked briskly on the train for his last ride to Prince Albert On March 1,
John gave his last statement to the
and the
warden. Jessie promised to call the sheriff on monday or wednsday of that week. Jessie starts calling
Mary (Polly),
that women. Jack gets
hanged and
dies. Department of Vital statistics registered the death of John Wilson. Jessie has her baby. Born in 1886 to William Hutchinson and Helen Hutchinson. Polly and John met in Carluke when Polly was 18. One year after Polly and John met, they fell in love. John proposed to Polly in 1906. Polly and John get married on the 1st of January of 1908. John and Polly had their honeymoon in Dublin
died. May of 1909 Polly gave birth to their first son George. In 1916, John tries to enlist in the Canadian armed forces for the second time. John left when Polly was 6 months pregnant. John arrives in Blaine lake, July 1915. Fore closed business in 1911. THE
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