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Mythology Myths

No description

Maddie Zimmerman

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Mythology Myths

Mythology Research Project
Ursa Major
Interesting Facts
The constellation of Big Bear, Ursa Major, originated from Greek mythology.
Ursa Major has the greatest number of stars in its constellation compared to all constellations.
Ursa Major also is known as the Big Dipper.
What Happened
Zeus fell in love with Callisto, and of course Hera found out and became jealous. One day Zeus and Callisto were walking in the forest when Zeus spotted Hera walking toward them. Zeus didn't have enough time to hide Callisto, so he turned her into a bear. Hera persuaded Zeus to leave for Mt. Olympus before he had time to change Callisto back into a human. A few hours later Acas, Callisto's son, shoots her with an arrow, killing her. When the bear started dying, the it turned back into his mother. Acas cried at what he had done. As a result of his crying, Zeus learned what happened and still didn't want Hera to know about his lover, so he turned Callisto back into a bear and put her in the sky. Then Zeus took her son and made him into a smaller bear and put him in the sky next to his mother.
Moral Lesson
The Myth of Halcyon
Interesting Facts
The Halcyon is a type of bird called a kingfisher.
The kingfisher nests by the sea.
Today, the phrase Halcyon Days signifies prosperity, joy, liberation and tranquility.
What happened
Halcyon, Alcyone in Greek, was the daughter of Aeolus, the ruler of the wind. Aeolus lived in the caves and was the one who chose when to let the winds out. The mortal king Ceyx of Tachis was the husband of Halcyon. Ceyx wanted to consult the oracle of Apollo. He chose to sail there, ignoring the warnings and concerns of Halcyon, who is afraid of the sea. When he was trying to fight a storm, he came oppon while at sea, he drown. Halcyon had asked Hera to protect Ceyx, but Hera was too late. Hera sent Morpheus to appear in Halcyon's dream and tell her what had happened. When Halcyon found Ceyx's body on the coast, she through herself into the waves. The gods were touched by how much they loved each other. They turned Halcyon and Ceyx into kingfishers, a type of sea bird, so they could live together forever.
Moral Lesson
Jason and The Argonauts
Interesting Facts
What Happened
Jason was the son of Aeson, the king of Ioclus, and Queen Alcimede. Aeson's half brother, Pelias, over-threw Aeson and claimed the throne of loclus. He also threatened to kill anyone who disputed his claim. Jason was the heir to the throne, but was smuggled away and put into the care of Chiron, the gentle Centaur. Jason made his return to the Ioclus kingdom many years later. On his way, he helped an elderly woman by carrying her across the river. On the way across the river, he lost one of his sandals. The woman was the goddess Hera in disguise. She became a friend and ally of Jason from then on. King Pelias was warned by an Oracle to be cautious of a man wearing one sandal. When King Pelias saw Jason with a bare foot, he sent him on an expedition to find the Golden Fleece, knowing that Jason was likely to never return. With the help of Hera and Athena, Jason built a ship called Argo. The ship had fifty oars, so he recruited fifty people called the Argonauts. Jason and his new crew set sail for the Black Sea where the legend says the Golden Fleece was hidden. When they reached the kingdom ruled by Aetes, they asked him for help. The king accepted the impossible tasks. Medea fell in love with Jason and used her powers to help him. With the help of her, they were able to escape with the Golden Fleece and return to loclus.
Moral Lesson
Pegasus and Bellerophon
Interesting Facts
Pegasus stayed on Mt. Olympus with Zeus.
Pegasus was loyal to Zeus and became his favorite steed.
What Happened
Pegasus is a winged horse born from the blood from Medusa's beheaded head. He was given to the Muses by the goddess Athena.
Bellerophon was a young man and a great equestrian. His dream was to have a Pegasus for himself. Bellerophon was supposed to be the son of King Glaucus of Corinth,there were rumors that his father was actually Poseidon. Pegasus was enjoying days with the Muses while Bellerophon was dreaming about adventures. While looking for them he met Proteus. Confident in their friendship, Bellerophon did not see in Proteus's eyes jealousy or the intent to kill him. Proteus, knowing Bellerophon's adventurous nature, sent him to his in-laws with a sealed letter. When he arrived, he found out that a monster, with the head of a lion and the tail of a dragon, was terrorizing the village at night. The monster would take children, women and livestock, then leave the bones of his victims alongside the mountain. Bellerophon didn't realize that the letter his friend gave him told Proteus' in-laws to kill the messenger. The in-laws took him to the king who told him to go kill the monster knowing that he would never come back alive. Bellerophon asked Polyeidos for advice for how he could kill the monster. He said he would need a Pegasus. In the morning, Bellerophon waited for the Pegasus in the bushes. He waited long enough for Pegasus to sit just long enough for him hop on its back. Bellerophon then made Pegasus fly to where the monster lived. They killed the fire-breathing Chimera, becoming heroes. Bellerophon was given the King's daughter for his wife.
Moral Lesson
The Trojan War
Interesting Facts
The Trojan War is one of the most famous Greek myths.
What Happened
At the time Helen, wife of Menelaos of Sparta, was the most beautiful woman on Earth. Her name in history stayed as Helen of Troy.
She met Paris, who came with a delegation to Sparta, fell in love with him and followed him to Troy. The Greeks thought that Paris abducted Helen and were furious. They invaded Troy. Meneaosand Agamemnon gathered all of the major generals from all Stat-Countries in Greece in order to take revenge for Paris' insult. Achilles, Odysseus, Ajax and many, many more generals brought their armies and Greeks sailed for Troy.
The Trojan War lasted ten years as Troy was enduring the siege. Many heroes died in the battles. After the death of so many heroes, Achilles, Hector, and more, said that the War seemed to be heading to a dead end. There weren't any victories, and too many losses and both armies were too tired. Then the Odysseus gave the solution. The Greeks would construct the Trojan Horse, a huge wooden horse that they would offer to the city of Troy. The warriors removed their boats as if thye had left the area, and left the horse to the Trojans.
The Trojans thought that the Greeks had gone home. They allowed the horse into the city and started celebrating.
When everyone was asleep, the Greeks came out of the horse and slaughtered the Trojans.
Moral Lesson
Myth of King Midas
and the Gold
Interesting Facts
King Midas is one of the most known characters in Greek Mythology.
What Happened
King Midas of Phrygia was known for his wisdom and his greed. Midas tried to gather the most money in the known world. At one time, Dionysus ended up in Phrygia with Satyrs and other creatures who celebrate with him. One of them entered the garden of Midas, and the guards brought him to the King. Midas recognized that he was one of Dionysus's people and decided not to punish him. Dionysus was so pleased that, to return the favor, he asked Midas what he wanted the most from his life. Midas told him that he wished everything he touched could turn into gold. Dionysus did warn Midas about the dangers, but Midas insisted, so Dionysus granted him with the Midas Touch. Midas was thrilled to have the gift because he could turn everything into solid gold. Soon he found out that he was unable to eat, drink, or do anything normal. He then started to realize his mistake and greed. Midas begged Dionysus to free him from the curse. Dionysus told him to bathe in the River Pactolus to wash his ability away. Midas does what he is told and rids himself of the curse.
Moral Lesson
This myth is known for being an enjoyment story.
Bellephron became cocky and thought he was worthy enough to be with the gods. Because of this, the gods became angry, particularly Zeus, and knocked Bellerphron off of Pegasus and let him fall to his death.
The myth King Midas is supposed to teach us that greed is very bad. The phrase Midas Touch is mostly directed to people who have lots of greed and build a career in wealth. The story of Midas is used to personify greed, which is considered one of the seven deadly sins.
Constellation of Ursa Major
Kingfisher Bird
50 oar boat
Golden Fleece
Resembles the meaning of the Minos Touch
Pegasus and Bellerophon
Trojan Horse

While working on my GT mythology project over the summer, I found myths during my research that were not covered on our questions. While looking for some of the answers to the required myths, I found a wonderful website that had many myths that I wanted to learn more about and put six of these into a prezi.

One of the myths is, Ursa Major, a story about Zeus, the god of the sky, falling in love with Callisto who lives on Earth. Zeus’ wife Hera knew Zeus was seeing someone and one day began to follow him. When Zeus noticed Hera, he did not have time to hide Callisto, therefore, he turned her into a bear. This is where Hera convinces Zeus to leave the bear, Callisto, in the woods and return to Mt. Olympus. After a while, Callisto's son, Acas, comes along and spots a bear in the woods, of course it’s his mother, but he doesn't recognize her to be his mother. He shoots the bear, and it starts to transform back into his mother. Acas starts to cry so loud that Zeus could hear him from Mt. Olympus. Zeus had to figure out a way to get Acas to be quiet, so his wife, Hera, wouldn’t hear them first and go after them. Zeus had the bright idea to quiet them so Hera would never find out, and turned them both into bears. Callisto’s son was made a smaller bear and Callisto larger. They were placed in the constellation Uma Major. Callisto and her son are also known in the night sky as the Big Dipper and Little Dipper.

The next myth I found is about loyalty and love. Ceyx and his wife Halcyon loved each other deeply. One day the husband, Ceyx, wanted to consult the Oracle. Halcyon didn't want him to leave because she was terribly afraid of the sea. While on his journey, Ceyx came upon a horrible storm where he drowns. Halcyon asked Hera to protect her love, but Hera was too late to save him. As a result of Ceyx’s death, Halcyon threw herself into the sea and tried to kill herself so she could be with her husband. The gods did not want to spare her life, so they made her and her husband into sea birds known as kingfishers. They were able to live the rest of their lives together.

This next story I enjoy because it has a feeling of mythology throughout the whole story. When I read it I felt like this story was one of the first Greek myths. The story is about a man, Jason, who was the heir to the throne of Locus, but it was overthrown by his half brother Pelias. Jason grows up with the gentle Centaur. Once Jason is older, he heads back to Locus. On the way, he loses a sandal and makes a friend for life, Hera the goddess of marriage. While Jason is on his way to Locus, Pelias is told by the Oracle that a man wearing one sandal will overthrow him. When Jason arrives, he meets the King who realizes that Jason has one sandal and sends him on an expedition to find the Golden Fleece. The King sent him to do this because he knows Jason won’t survive, but miraculously Jason lives and brings the King back the Golden Fleece and takes over the kingdom.

I have always wanted to read the myth about King Midas. I was so happy when I found this story. The story is about a very greedy king, Midas, who wants to be the wealthiest person in the world. When he befriends Dionysus, the god of fruitfulness and vegetation as well as wine, Dionysus asks King Midas what he wants most of his life. King Midas tells him that he wishes that everything he touches would turn to gold. Dionysus grants his wish after trying to talk the King out of his wish, but Midas insisted it was what he wanted. After a few days, Midas realizes that he was unable to eat, drink, or do anything normal because of his new gift that makes everything gold. He instantly begged Dionysus to rid him of the curse. Dionysus told King Midas that if he wanted to get rid of his curse, he would have to bathe in the River Pactolus, which he does and loses his Midas Touch.

Bellerophon was a young boy who loved to go on adventures and would and love to have a Pegasus. In this myth there is jealousy and greed. The story starts when Bellerophon was a young boy. He had a very jealous friend, Proteus who, knowing how much Bellerophon loved adventures, told him he needed a message sent to his in-laws. Bellerophon was very excited to do this for his friend. When he got to the town, he learned that women and children were being taken from the village during the night by a horrible monster. Bellerophon gave the note to his buddies’ in-laws. The note told them to kill Bellerophon. The in-laws gave the note to their King. The King told Bellerophon to kill the monster that was killing many people in his beloved kingdom. Bellerophon was told by the Oracle that he needed a Pegasus to complete the task. Once Bellerophon captures the Pegasus, he heads to the monster. Together Pegasus and Bellerophon kill the horrible monster. They became heroes and Bellerophon was given the King's daughter for his wife as a thank you.

I was really extremely excited when I found this myth, The Trojan War. I think it is the biggest war in Greek mythology and, get this, the Greeks win. The Trojan War was a horrible war between Greeks and Trojans. The Greeks thought their beloved Queen was taken by the Trojans when, in fact, she followed the Trojan King to his kingdom because she loved him. When the Greeks found out that their queen was in Troy, they called all of their military to take down Troy. Troy did the same. They called anyone they knew to fight on their side. The war lasted for ten years. Many gods were killed. Finally, the Greeks were tired of the fighting and not getting anywhere. There were hardly any victories many losses. The Greeks decided to pretend they were leaving Troy and give them a huge Trojan Horse as as gift. The Trojans were happy when they saw the Greek boats leaving, then they received the huge horse. The Trojans let the horse into the town and started to party because the war was over, so they thought. Once all of the Trojans were asleep, the Greek army came out of the massive horse and slaughtered the Trojans.

I loved learning about all of these myths, especially the Trojan War. I can’t wait until I get to study so many more myths his year in Gifted and Talented. I am looking forward to this school year and hope I learn a lot more about the gods, goddesses and their myths.

Zeus falls in love with a woman and Hera thinks Zeus is hiding something. When Hera appers Zeus turns his lover, Callisto, into a bear. Hera and Zeus go back to mount Olympus. Meanwhile Callisto's son shoots her and kills her. When she turns back into a human he cries so loud the gods could hear. To make him stop crying Zeus turned them both into bears and sent them into the sky to be with each other forever.
This myth is could also be called Jason and the Golden Fleece.
Don't cheat on your wife.
Don't assume something until you know the whole truth.
Beware of your enemies that give you gifts.
This myth is not known to have a Moral Lesson.
If this myth did have a moral I would think it would mean to fight your own fights and don't use someone else to get your way because it will come back on you, eventually.
True love overpowers obstacles.
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