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is an organisation that speciliases in looking after old an

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Steven Dampier

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of is an organisation that speciliases in looking after old an

Fragile but Agile
Fragile but agile
This is an organisation that specialises in looking after and supporting old and frail individuals that need extra help. This organisation works with other agenices to provide the best care and experience for the specific individual.
Patnership working
Fragile but agile work with lots of many different agenicies within this organisnation. These agenices include GP's, therapists, doctors/nurses and carers. With these organisations working together it ensures that the indiviual gets the correct and better care.
Multi-agency working
Working in partnership with adults using services, families and informals carers
When Fragile but Agile engages in care for the older individuals some believe that having families or some form of friendly relatives involved to help with care. Usually this would make the individual feel at ease when communicating with them about any problems, etc -care plans,day trips, or any other problems.
Fragile but agile works with different agenicies. Some of the multi-agency facilities that could act in support to the older individuals are:
Meals on Wheels
Age UK
These two agencies are the most common agencies in which support the older individuals. These are always there too help and support the elderly.
Decision making processes and forums
The Fragile but Agile agencies all work together in providing the best quality of care. They have the best decision making when it comes providing the care plan for the individuals. When making these decisions they have to take into account every individuals needs and feelings.
Staff training and induction
Staff training and induction for Fragile but Agile is a very serious matter as they need to hire the correct staff who will provide the best quality of care to the individuals. When the staff are introduced to Fragile but Agile they have to have the correct skills and qualities that we are looking for to hire staff. They have to connect well with the individuals on a formal and informal relatonship, they need to have the balance to get on with them well.
Role of care quality commission
The role of care quality commisson is when all the health and socail care sectors across the UK have to ensure that they are working to the correct standards of care. They have to effecticly care for the individual to get the best quality of care.

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