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Slated by Teri Terry

No description

Caryl A.

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Slated by Teri Terry

Teri Terry
Kyla Davis (name given after treatment)- The novel's narrator and 16-year old protagonist. As is the case with other Slateds, she does not know the reason she was Slated. She is very good at drawing and art,and she also likes to run, which helps keep her emotions level. She is very curious and cautious as to the government and it's power.
In a future world where horrible violence is rampant, young criminals are given a second chance: to have their memories erased rather than being incarcerated or executed.
Kyla Davis has been given a second chance and has been Slated. Her memory erased (as well as her personality), she has been spending months at a hospital learning how to walk and talk.
Ben Nix- 18-year old Slated patient. A friend of Kyla's, who likes to run like Kyla to control his emotion levels. He isn't different in the way Kyla is, but he goes along with her suspicious about the government and aids her in her search for answers.
This book has multiple themes...
Is ones "goodness or "badness" simply the effect of experiences, or are we the results of genetics and biological makeup?

It also brings up the issues of the role in the government protecting it's citizens, free speech, individual rights, controlling emotions, memory and it's role in our personality, and family.
Project By
Caryl Asuncion
Slated takes place in a dystopian world in futuristic London, in the year 2056.
Trilogy by Teri Terry
Book 1- Slated
Book 2- Fractured
Book 3- Shattered
Along with other Slateds, she is required to wear a Levo, a bracelet that monitors happiness and negativity. When the user drops too low, the bracelet shocks the user before they can harm society. At first it seems that all is good, until more and more citizens disappear for trivial misconduct and citizens fear government is abusing their power.

'Slated is a beautiful, intriguing puzzle revealed piece by dark and sinister piece.'
Sara Grant
author of Dark Parties

'Gripping, chilling and all too real. An unputdownable thriller.'
L.A. Weatherly
author of Angel

An original and haunting psychological thriller...utterly compelling. I was gripped from the first page and can't wait to read more.'
Julie Bertagna
author of Exodus
“Terry’s debut is a suspenseful page-turner with a highly sympathetic and strong female protagonist. A perverse sense of claustrophobic dread grows throughout the novel. . . . Will have readers waiting eagerly for a sequel.”—Booklist
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