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What Happened to Cass Mcbride?

No description

Hannah Olson

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of What Happened to Cass Mcbride?

What Happened to Cass Mcbride?
By: Gail Giles Summary Main
Characters Kyle Kirby Cass Mcbride is the most popular girl in school. She is so wrapped up in herself and her status. that she doesnt even notice when rejecting David Kirby. David commits suicide and his older brother, Kyle Kirby, plans a cruel revengeful death for Cass. He builds a box, captures Cass, drugs her, and buries her alive under ground. But Kyle makes mistake, Cass has gift with words and persuading. She uses his fear as her weapon to keep Kyle talking, and to keep her alive. Cass Mcbride Cass is a popular, junior girl. She is 17 and lives with her father. She is snotty, cocky, and ungrateful.She has a skill where she can persuade people and distract them easily with words. Cass is only about herself and often bugged by her dad about her future. She was raised by her dad, who taught her to take care of herself. She and her dad have a bond that isn't exactly love. She does her best to impress her dad. Although she decided to live with her father she still is misguided without her caring mother in her life. Ted Mcbride Father of Cass, and divorced. He's
a man that takes control, is
stern, and very serious. Ted is a
lawyer wrapped up in his work, and a savvy businessman. He barely pays attention to Cass. He won't settle for less than
perfection, which is why he divorced his
wife. Kyle is revengeful
and twisted. He is David Kirby's
older brother, and blames Cass
for his suicide. He is mentally
disturbed and has become violent since David's death. Kyle takes his guilty conscience of not being there for David, and pins everything on Cass. Ben Gray Ben is the detective
in charge of Cass's Case.
He is inquisitive, knowledgeable,
and observatory. He can figure
someone out by just a few
questions. Ben is keen and smart.
He interviews the family and friends
of Cass. Leatha Mcbride Leatha is the mother of Cass.
She doesn't get along with Cass.
She lives in Louisiana and is divorced
from Ted. She has tension with Cass
and Ted. Leatha cares about Cass
still even though Cass doesn't care
about her. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Gail Giles Simile: "David was walked all over his whole life like a doormat"(Giles 69). Metaphor:"David's name was a cold wave that washed over me"(Giles 33). Personification: "A mojo headache kicked my temples, dragging me up toward realworld"(Giles 12). Imagery: "Ben sat at his desk fingers
laced behind his head, feet on his desk, concentrating on his crime board, something to jump at him"(Gile 189). Symbolism: "I pushed the button, and opened my mouth to speak. The walky talky was saving me, maybe I could talk my way out of death"(Giles 40). Cass Mcbride Cass is 17, and a junior. She lives with her dad and is not emotional. She keeps to herself and tries to impress her dad when she can. She learned how to take care of herself. She doesn't have a lot of girlfriends since she can be harsh. She has a gift of persuasion and gets what she wants. GOOD WRITING " My head was unfocused but this wasn't a dream. I wasn't in my bed or a hospital. Fear clutched me hard hard. My stomach roiled. And I thought maybe I knew hot it feels come heart attack time. Because mine actually squeezed. Just squeezed into a hard knot and burned. I felt it release. I gasped and the tears came complete with a sob and shivers"(Giles 14). This is a good piece of writing because the imagery
is so vivid of what Cass is thinking. It captures the emotion and fear of the character. It gives the reader a chilling, creepy, painful, feeling. Everyone has been scared before and probably can relate and has felt petrified like this at one point. It sets a mood of darkness, fear, torment, panic, and anticipation. Recommendations: I absolutely recommend this book. It has suspension til the very last page and will you keep you wanting to read. It has such good imagery that I could picture the whole book like a movie. It will make the reader feel fear and a lot of other emotions. Its a great read for teens because its in "teen lingo." Jt also would be good for adults.It also has an important moral.
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