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No description

Amanda Gianniny

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Hydrogen

Hydro Woman
Hydrogen was discovered by Henry Cavendish, who was an English chemist and physicist in London, England in 1766.
It was discovered when it collected over mercury and Cavendish was able to describe its properties.

Gen Heedin was a young girl dying of cancer. She was becoming depressed with the life she was living. Then one rainy day two new very interesting doctors came to visit her.
Back Story
Hydro Woman has many superpowers that she uses to defeat super villains. She can turn invisible because hydrogen, the element, is translucent. She can fly because hydrogen is the lightest element. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe so her strengths never cease. Two Hydrogens and one oxygen create water, so she carries an oxygen pack on her left arm so she can put up her hand, spread out her fingers and squirt out water.
Hydro Women can become a liquid by using her body cooling system she developed to cool H2 (two Hydrogens) below Hydrogen's critical point at 33K. It is so powerful, it was used to power NASA shuttles and bring them into orbit.
Hydro Woman can also become a solid with metallic-like properties by building up her body pressure until it reaches 500,000 times greater than the Earth's atmosphere.
If you thought those super powers were cool, wait until you hear about her strongest, most powerful super power.Hydro Woman can create the power of a star, just by the fusion of two Hydrogens which is nuclear fusion. Also the sun is made up of 75% hydrogen and 25%, so Hydro woman can not only just create a star but use her right hand to bring down sunlight and use her left to squirt water. What do you have, the power to control plants.
Genes = generator
In greek words
atomic number=1
periodic symbol=H

The new doctors prohibited everyone from visiting. They gave young Gen a series weird super villain tests. Little did anyone know, the strange doctors would switch Gen's IV bags with hydrogen at night. Two weeks later she was trasformed and abducted.
The Doctors
After That...
The two doctors turned out to be super villains. They trained Gen to become one of them. However, Gen's heart was too kind, so she used her new powers and lessons to become a super hero for good, not evil.
Gen Heedin
Hydro Woman's alter-ego is Gen Heedin.
She is assistant CEO of a top fashion agency and is one of the most successful and powerful women in the country. Also, Gen used to work with NASA. Coincidence much?
Hydro Woman's Car

Hydro Woman owns a car that is completely powered by hydrogen. There is no pollution done and for the exhaust, its drinkable water. Want to know more
By Lila Breston
dark rose in Russian
puzzled in Russian
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