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motocross riders

the most memorable and famous freestyle motocross riders

Dawson Anger

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of motocross riders

the most memorable and
famous powersports riders
throughout recent history Carey Hart
first person to
land a freestyle
backflip on a
dirt bike
ramp to dirt Travis Pastrana
first person to land
a double back flip to dirt
and won the first x games
freestyle moto x in the
history of organized freestyle
competitions Nate Adams
first person
to complete
a 360degree
rotation on a
dirt bike Jolene Van Vugt
first woman
to land
a backflip
on a dirt
bike ramp
to dirt and
first female
champion Brian Deegan
and off road
truck series
racer and a
member of
metal mulisha Jermy Lusk
November 26th
1984 and
tragically died
in freestyle
in costa rica ramp to dirt:
a freestyle jump from a metal
freestyle ramp to land on a
downward sloped mound of
dirt . Chad Reed:
an australian
supercross rider
2 time world
champion Josh Hill:
supercross rider
in the standings
for this years
championship James Stewart:
a three time
world supercross
champion Ryan dungey:
a next
star Ronnie Renner:
a freestyle rider
with his own trick
named by him Tucker Hibbert:
a snocross
motocross rider
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