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Victor and Elizabeth's Relationship

No description

Jamie Ashton

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Victor and Elizabeth's Relationship

Victor and Elizabeth's Relationship
In total:
Although marriage is not wanted by both children, both parents expect them to wed
Victor feels pressured into marriage, but is clearly interested in science more
Elizabeth clearly loves Victor, but will do anything to make him happy
Everyone Thinks Differently
The Frankenstein parents have different motivations throughout the novel.
Victor changes his thought on Elizabeth as he is pressured into multiple different things
Elizabeth seems to follow as the parents wish, although she might have different thoughts
The Frankenstein elders only hope their children to get along
By having Victor and Elizabeth get along, there is more hope to have the family land stay in the name
Has a jealousy for Elizabeth as she is seen as the perfect child
He loves Elizabeth but hates her at the same time
Happy that she is finally welcomed
Doesn't feel alone anymore
Mother's Deathbed Wish
The mother pressures Victor and Elizabeth to marry
This pressure is motivated by inheritance of money and land
Is scared by this wish
by following this dream he becomes more a part of his family
Since already part of the family it is just making it official to the law
No pressure to find a man
Victor's Other Desires
Never understood the difference of love between Elizabeth and science for Victor
The father increases the pressure to wed
Father's health is affected by the wait of wed between the two
Can't focus on anything but science
Isolation continues in Inglestadt
Obsessed with success and ambition
Seen as owned by Victor
Love is only one-sided
Dreams came true
Responsibility of mother figure finally filled properly
Only felt as if it was for his mother
On the night of the wedding, only cared about himself
Said he loved her, but feels mixed emotions
Loved Victor deeply
Always wanted tp marry Victor
Willing to cancel wedding for Victor's happiness

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