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Puella Magi Madoka Magica

This prezi is about PMMM contributes to the anime pop culture and how it changed the mahou shojou genre of anime.

Nathan Leung

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica By: Nathan Leung 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ What is the Mahou Shoujo Genre? "Magical girls traditionally belong to a sub-genre of Japanese fantasy anime and manga, but it has gained traction in non-Japanese formats, such as animated television series, graphic novels and webcomics. Magical girl stories feature young girl heroes with superhuman abilities, forced to fight evil and to protect the Earth. They often possess a secret identity, although the name can just refer to young girls who follow a plot line involving magic and a transformation."

~ From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahou_shojo - they have an object which they obtain their powers from.
- includes transformation scenes in which the girl transforms into her magical form.
- includes the girls learning how to use their powers appropriately.
- usually aimed at young and teenage girls Note: Mahou Shoujo means "Magical Girl" in Japanese and may be used interchangeably. Definition: What do Magical Girl stories talk about? - puella magi means magical girl in latin
- the main characters have transformation scenes
- there is an antagonist (Walpurgis Nacht, the witches) which the girls have to fight
- there is a protagonist (Kyubey) in which the girls contract with
- they use a soul gem to get their powers How is Puella Magi Madoka Magica a "mahou shoujo" anime? Examples Sailor Moon Cardcaptor Sakura Princess Tutu Shugo Chara! Sally the Witch Modern Examples (after around 2000, usually aimed at male audiences) Magic Knight Rayearth Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha D. N. Angel Sora wo Kakeru Shojo Why PMMM is a contemporary anime While a Wham Episode is an episode that radically alters the Story Arc, a Wham Line is a line of dialogue that radically alters a scene. - deconstruction of the magical girl genre Reception - BD volumes of the anime broke selling records - won the Television Award at the 16th Animation Kobe Awards - won 12 NewType Anime Awards - won the Grand Prize for animation in the 2011 Japan Media Arts awards - won the Selection Committee Special Prize award at the 2012 Licensing of the Year awards - awarded a Seiun Award for "Best Media" at the 2012 Japan Science Fiction Convention Characters - does not follow the usual criteria of a magical girl show - is aimed at seinen (adult males) audience - doesn't have all the typical"girly stuff in it - has a wham line for every episode What is a wham line? - five puella magi - Kyubey, the contractor - witches (the antagonists) Madoka Kaname Miki Sayaka Tomoe Mami Sakura Kyoko Akemi Homura 鹿目 ま Kyubey Summary How does it contribute to anime? - the characters are all fleshed out
and easy to relate to - protagonist of the story In a near future time period, an Incubator (an alien race) called Kyubey has come to Mitakihara City in order to make contracts with young girls. The girls have their wish granted, but they will have to become a puella magi and fight witches (creatures born from despair) for compensation. The girls have their soul extracted and put into an object called a soul gem, which is where they get their powers from. The girls have to regulate their soul gems and if they don't then something inevitable will happen... Madoka Kaname and her best friend Miki Sayaka are approached by Kyubey as he wants them to be puella magi. Furthermore, a puella magi named Mami is encouraging Madoka and Sayaka to become puella magi. A mysterious puella magi named Homura Akemi who appears to be hostile tries to stop them from becoming puella magi..... Terminology Soul gem - an egg shaped object in which puella magi obtain their powers from, it is made shortly after they have contracted with Kyubey Mami's Soul Gem Grief Seed - a witch's egg, which she'll occasionally drop after she is defeated, they can help puella magi restore their powers back by transferring some of the grief in their soul gems Gertrud's Grief Seed Witch - the opposite of a puella magi, a being that is formed from despair and negative aspects, they can't be seen by regular humans and they hide themselves behind barriers (referred to as witch labyrinths) which usually only puella magi can enter, they disappear along with their labyrinths when they are defeated Kriemhild Gretchen Tainted Soul Gem - from an alien race called the "Incubators" - messenger of magic - magical girls make a contract with him in order to become a puella magi after he grants their wishes - it can't express or understand emotions - has no gender, so it is an "it" - his mouth can't open.... - offers advice to the puella magi, but when they find out about his true nature, he stops giving the advice out them and passively watches them - lives with the puella magi and follows them around, is invisible to everyone else - he seeks to achieve a goal, which is to prevent the heat death of the universe, which he tries to improve by collecting energy by producing puella magi to improve the entropy - the puella magi's emotions can be used to improve the entropy - he has a variety of powers that he can use - a 14 year old girl who attends 2nd grade (our 8th grade) at Mitakihara Middle School - best friends with Miki Sayaka and Shizugi Hitomi - gentle, caring, and friendly girl with good intentions, she is represented as an ordinary girl in the anime - has a caring family and friends - she has low self confidence, and enjoys helping people as long as they are happy; instills kindness in people and is a humanitarian - best friends with Kaname Madoka and Shizuki Hitomi - she is tomboyish, energetic, and lively - she has regenerative abilities and healing powers after she becomes a puella magi - her wish is to heal Kamijo Kyosuke, a violinist whom she secretly likes - becomes the witch Oktavia von Seckondorff in Episode 8 after she has gone too far in despair and without taking care of her soul gem - she never admitted her love to Kamijo Kyosuke and her witch labyrinth is filled with concert halls and performers, showing how she loved his music -in one of the advertisements before entering her concert hall like witch labyrinth, "look at me" is written which shows how desperately she wanted Kamijo's attention - becomes a witch in all of the timelines, no matter what situation - a puella magi who rescues Madoka and Sayaka from a witch named Gertrud - she offers to be a mentor to puella magi and persuade them to contract with Kyubey - she is perceived to be a motherly/sisterly like person who is helpful - she made her wish to live after her parents died in a car crash - she is a senior to Madoka and Sayaka - she is shown to have feminine tastes - her biggest goal is to seek out justice and to fight witches even if there isn't a grief seed for reward, as a result of this, she has no one else to team up with - she is in fact quite lonely with the fact that she is already an orphan without many friends - killed by a witch named Charlotte when trying to fight her - she is always eating something! :) - she first debust as a selfish character, the exact opposite of Mami - she doesn't abide to justice and will do anything to get a grief seed - she will not fight familiars, as they don't have any grief seeds to drop - she is quite callous and sadistic - comes from a poor family, hates people who wastes food as her family nearly starved to death - she made her wish so that more people could listen to her father as a preacher, when her father found out he became insane and killed the whole family including himself - hurt by this, Kyoko starts to use magic only for herself, as helping others did her no good - killed herself along with Oktavia von Seckondorff, so Sayaka wouldn't be alone - hated Sayaka and constantly fought with her - she actually secretly liked Sayaka - revived when Madoka made her wish - a mysterious, cold girl who appears the day after Madoka saw her in her dream - she is seen by Madoka in her dream to be fighting a witch that is too powerful for only one person to deal with - constantly warns Madoka about not being a puella magi - she excels both academically and athletically - quite independent and strong - doesn't want to cooperate with Mami - will save Madoka and Sayaka from any witches - she is actually from the past and is a time traveler - she was once a hospitalized girl, weak and insecure when Madoka saved her from a witch - after seeing Madoka die when trying to defeat Walpurgis Nacht, the strongest witch, she made a wish to redo her meeting with Madoka - instead of Madoka saving her, she will save her from any harm, thus resulting in her trying to prevent Madoka from becoming a puella magi so she doesn't have to suffer - she can travel back in time, in which she has already attempted to save Madoka for several timelines, failing for every time - she has never been able to save Madoka from her fate - decides to fight Walpurgis Nacht by herself, so Madoka doesn't have to - saved Homura from a witch in a previous timeline - asked Homura to travel back in time and to tell the Madoka in that timeline to not become a puella magi - her witch from is Kriemhild Gretchen, which is even more powerful than Walpurigs Nacht - Kriemhild Gretchen can destroy the world in a few days, and the whole Earth will be consumed by her - Kyubey's goal is to make Madoka a puella magi and further into Kriemhild Gretchen as she produces massive amounts of energy that can be used to improbe the entropy - she is the strongest puella magi - later makes a wish to erase all witches from history, which violates the laws of universe; she becomes god - is the real antagonist of the series - doesn't inform the girls that witches are the grown form of puella magi, just merely says "you never asked!' - only reveals the positive side of being a puella magi, but never voluntarily tells all the facts and details - shot by Homura Akemi, but is impossible to kill - cuteness is only for undercover, makes it seem as if he is all cute and cuddly while it is actually very dark References to Faust Quotes from Faust - the two above passages are sung by an invisible ghost choir - can represent how the witch's labyrinth is invisible to other people except for the puella magi What is Faust? Faust is the name of a protagonist in a German legend, which was later written as a play by a man named Geothe. The play is a tragedy and it became recognized as one of the greatest pieces of German literature. Faust, a scholar is bored with his life and wants infinite knowledge. A devil named Mephistopheles offers to Faust that he can fulfill anything that Faust wants, but Faust must serve him in hell. Faust signs that pact that Mephistopheles offers. Faust meets a lady named Gretchen whom he falls in love with. Gretchen later on discovers that she is pregnant in which her brother accuses Faust of. Gretchen's brother is killed by Faust and the devil, and Gretchen drowns her baby. Gretchen is convicted of murder and sent to prison. Faust tries to free her, but she refuses to escape from the prison. The play than ends. How is PMMM like the play of Faust? - the devil is similar to Kyubey as they both offer contracts in which they can fulfill wishes, but the contractor has to repay them back somehow - Faust is similar to the puella magi as they both desperately want something which they later acquire, but it still doesn't end well (Faust's lover is condemned, the puella magi don't find happiness and turn into witches), more specifically he is similar to Kaname Madoka or Homura Amkemi - Gretchen, is similar to Miki Sayaka, someone that Madoka valued but wasn't able to save in the end from becoming a witch, Faust wasn't able to save Gretchen from going into jail and also she insisted that she would stay there, like how Miki Sayaka insisted that she wouldn't clean her soul gem, which lead her to despair, both of them don't have happy endings Passage from Faust where everything is cursed - can show how Mami was cursed to die - in Faust, the devil says that if he is once too happy, he will instantly die, which is similar to how Mami got her happy moment when she learned that Madoka would fight amongst her Runes that represent the Hexeinmaleins - if deciphered, they read the Hexeinmaleins which is a random song sung by a Witch - can represent how nothing make sense in a witch's labyrinth - basic magic spell Faust heard with his first encounter with a witch, Madoka and Sayaka see this the first time that they are trapped in a witch's labyrinth Reads "Prologue in Himmel" in runes - Prologue in Himmel is the prologue of Faust and the prologue of PMMM before episode 1 starts - in the Prologue, Mephistopheles and God have a conversation about Faust - Madoka and Kyubey have a conversation, Madoka is god, and Kyubey is Mephistopheles - alternatively, Gretchen could be Madoka as Homura was unable to save her for several times, and Madoka willingly died - deconstruction of the magical girl genre, well planned out storyline - has several meaningful messages, unlike many shows that you watch and forget - good anime because of the dark story and message, on top of the scenery planning and music - characters are well thought out and developed - creative; runes were invented for our alphabet and for musical notes - based on the play of Faust, enhances the meaning of the plot - background is based on world structures, skyline changes every episode! - the puella magi use weapons (guns etc.) instead of other devices like a wand - created in 2011, after the typical mahou shojo shows - has a wham line for every episode, drastically changes the scene PMMM is for everyone! Music notes that form a song in Oktavia von Seckondorff's witch labyrinth Music notes from Sayaka's eye when she goes insane Music - runic music notes that appear around Sayaka - haven't been decoded yet, can you do it? Math (university level, even though they're only in grade 8!) Architecture Shopping mall is actually called
Weltstadthaus in Germany School hallway is actually a floor on the Shanghai
World Financial Centre Bridge shown is the Helix Bridge in Singapore Building is Burj al Arab in Dubai Station is Tachikawa Monorail Station in Tokyo Building is Taipei 101 Skyline comparison with one in Tokyo - animation technology is advanced and high tech, making it comfortable to watch Skyline of Mitakihara City during the daytime (much of the architecture in the anime originated from world structures) Skyline compares with Yokohama's Similar to the Empire State Building if antenna was removed Skyline compares with one found in Germany Bus stop is based on one found in Brazil - is said to be also similar to another German novel called Der Steppenwolf - anime is composed of several pieces of German literature, creative and unlike any other show Weapons (again, they're all based on real weapons) Thanks for watching! I hope you've changed your view on anime, and that you will try to watch PMMM! <3 - all the typical features of a magical girl show were analyzed, and then did the exact opposite of what was supposed to happen How is it different from other anime? The Truth 14 year old Kaname Madoka is an everyday eight grade girl living in Mitakihara City, an ultra modern and high tech city. She sees a dream in which a girl is fighting an ominous creature with no help from anyone. The next day, the same girl named Akemi Homura from her dream appears as a transfer student at Madoka's school, warning Madoka to stay the same as she is right now if she treasuers her life, friends, and family. Homura appears to be cold and quiet. Madoka has a best friend named Miki Sayaka, and they find themselves in a confusing labyrinth after Madoka hears somebody call for help in a secluded storage room at the mall. They are rescued by puella magi Mami, and an extraterrestial named Kyubey explains to them about puella magi and witches. Furthermore, Kyubey tries to persuade Madoka and Sayaka to form a contract with him and become a magical girl. Any wish that they want will be fulfilled by Kyubey, but in return for fulfilling the wish, the girls will have to become puella magi and fight witches. Madoka and Sayaka learn that witches are born from despair and evilness, while puella magi or around to spread hope and joy. They find out that puella magi get their powers from a soul gem, and witches get theirs from a grief seed. A grief seed can remove grief from a soul gem and restore lost powers of a puella magi. Madoka and Sayaka then go on several witch hunts with Mami to see how a life of a puella magi is like. Homura always comes and interferes, warning Madoka, giving Sayaka the impression that she is cold and hostile. On one hunt, Madoka decides to make her wish, telling Mami that she wants to be just like her and help people. Madoka says that she will fight alongside with Mami, as Mami has been terribly lonely ever since her parents have died in a car accident. Mami then gets overjoyed, hearing that someone would finally fight with her. As Mami was too happy, she lost her attention and the witch Charlotte ate her, leaving Madoka and Sayaka with no one to protect them. Kyubey then urges them to become a puella magi, but Homura comes in and kills Charlotte. As Charlotte's witch labyrinth disappears, only her grief seed is left, as Mami's body is trapped inside the labyrinth. Madoka and Sayaka learn from Homura that if you die while fighting a witch, your body never returns back to the real world, being declared missing by people for eternity. Homura explains being a puella magi is not as sweet as it seems. Sayaka and Madoka are still trying to figure out what wish they should make. While they are pondering this over, Sayaka's crush, Kamijo Kyosuke is getting frustrated at his hand injuries. The doctors have said that Kyosuke will never be able to move his hands again, and that he should give up on playing the violin and being a violonist. Sayaka decides to make her wish to heal Kyosuke's hand and to get his attention for her. Another puella magi named Sakura Kyoko was told by Kyubey to take over Mitakihara City as Mami was dead, but since Sayaka became a puella magi, she doesn't need to do so anymore. Kyoko, enraged, decides to fight with Sayaka. Kyoko encounters Sayaka on a witch hunt, and the two start fighting each other. It turns out that Kyoko is the exact opposite of Mami, as she is selfish and sadistic. Mami would fight for justice and help everyone. She would fight witches even if they didn't have grief seeds. Homura later finds Kyoko and makes an alliance with her, telling her that the most powerful witch named Walpurgis Nacht will be coming to town soon. Sayaka starts to show hositility to Homura and Kyoko, despite Madoka trying to convine her to get along with everybody. One night, Sayaka and Kyoko are fighting each other again, so Madoka decides to throw Sayaka's soul gem over a bridge so Sayaka can't fight. Instead, Sayaka becomes unconscious and Kyubey reveals to the puella magi that their soul is literally contained in their soul gem, their body is merely a shell that can only be controlled within 100 m of the soul gem. Homura then goes to retrieve Sayaka's soul gem underneath the bridge. Sayaka gets angry at Kyubey as he never told the truth to her, but he merely replies that she never asked him. Kyoko takes Sayaka to the ruins of her father's church, and explains her past to her. Sayaka then starts to understand Kyoko's selfishness and apologizes to her. The next day at school, Madoka and Sayaka's friend, Shizuki Hitomi tells Sayaka that she likes Kyosuke too. If Sayaka won't confess her love to Kyosuke within 2 days, then Hitomi will do so. Sayaka, not being able to bring herself to confess to Kyosuke, falls into a great depression when she sees Hitomi and Kyosuke together. Sayaka then breaks down in front of Madoka, saying that she would never be able to be with Kyosuke as she is a puella magi. Later that night, Sayaka then kills a witch maniacally, without regarding the damages done to her own body. Sayaka refuses to take the witch's grief seeds and even the grief seeds that Homura offers to her. Madoka tries to make a wish to save Sayaka, but then Homura shoots Kyubey. Kyubey then regenerates himself, and it is revealed that he has multiple bodies, and is basically, impossible to kill. Sayaka, continuing to fight witches despite that she barely has any power left, continues to fall into despair. Kyoko meets up with her, and Sayaka admits her stupidity, shattering her soul gem as one more ounce of grief was added to her soul gem. her soul gem then shatters and transforms into a grief seed. It is revealed that puella magi turn into witches when they are exhausted of their powers or when they are depressed. Kyoko sees Sayaka's witch form, Oktavia von Seckondorff, and finds Madoka to try to turn Sayaka back into a puella magi. Despite Kyoko's attempts, Kyubey reveals that it is impossible for witches to turn back into puella magi. Kyoko tells Madoka to try to talk to Sayaka, but Oktavia does not recognize her voice and tries to kill Madoka. Kyoko, being fed up with this, kills herself with Sayaka so Sayaka wouldn't be alone. Homura comes in and rescues Madoka, leaving Oktavia's labyrinth. Homura's past is revealed, and it is shown that she is a time traveler. Once weak from long hospitalization, she was rescued by Madoka and Mami from a witch. Madoka and Mami are killed by Walpurgis Nacht, and are defeated. Homura then makes her wish so that she could redo her meeting with Madoka, so she could protect Madoka instead of Madoka protecting her. She then goes back in time, and begins her training as a puella magi with Madoka. In one timeline, Madoka requests Homura to save herself from being tricked by Kyubey as Homura can travel through time. Homura then tries to prevent Madoka from becoming a puella magi, but fails each time. If Madoka becomes a witch or gets killed/defeated, she goes back another timeline. Meanwhile, Walpurgis Nacht is approaching town once again and Homura is determined to kill her this time. A storm caused by Walpurgis Nacht hits the town, and everyone is evacuated into shelters. Madoka goes out to find Homura, as she is concerned about her. Homura reveals to Madoka her past and her purpose in becoming a puella magi, trying to reassure Madoka that she can handle Walpurgis Nacht alone. After Madoka sees Homura almost depeleted of energy and Kyubey warning Madoka that Homura would become a witch at anytime, Madoka makes her wish. Maodka reassures Homura that she will not waste her hard work. Madoka wishes that all witches will be erased by her own hands from all planes of time, stopping them before they are born. Madoka then becomes God, cleansing every puella magi's soul gem before they become witches and absorbing their despair. Madoka even exterminates her own grief seed caused by absorbing too much grief with her power. Homura is pulled out of the real world to see Madoka. Madoka starts to fade into a higher plane of existance. and she tells Homura that although she might not be able to see her, she will always be there. Madoka is then stuck in all planes of time forever, accepting her job. Madoka leaves Homura with her ribbons so that she will never forget her. Homura then returns to the normal world, where Mami and Kyoko is revived. Madoka fulfills Sayaka's last wish as she takes Sayaka to Kyosuke's violin concert, and the two fade away. Homura is seen fighting some demons, creatures that are caused by pure evil and are not derived from puella magi. Homura then hears Madoka's voice to encourage her. The end credits roll up.
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