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Student Survey: Summary of Data

Surveys from Aug. 12

Kari Bejar

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Student Survey: Summary of Data

Student Surveys: Summary of Data Collected Aug. 2012 Total Surveys: 878
9th - 260
10th - 237
11th - 218
12th - 163 Methodology
(abridged) Total Coded Response: 3,857
9th - 1,159
10th - 992
11th - 970
12th - 709 Focus:
Questions #1 and #3: Positive learning experiences

Question #2: Negative learning experiences Step-by-Step Modeling/
Examples Positive Learning Experience approx. 20%
772 responses approx. 10%
371 responses Positive Learning Experience Visuals approx. 8%
292 response Positive Learning Experience CFU w/Help approx. 7%
275 responses Positive Learning Experience Activities:
Hands-on/ Labs/Projects #1 #2 #3 #4 approx. 7%
259 responses Positive Learning Experience Time to Practice/ Repetition/
Review #5 Guiding Question: What is the student learning experience at EUHS? Student Shadowing Today's Data 6 Students Total:
English Learner
Redesignated "My teacher explains but does not tell." (female, 11th) Students' said... "I like when they explain the problem, tell me what to do or how to do it, but they still let me find the answer." (male, 9th grade) "My teacher doesn't just put the assignments on the board and says do this but instead walks us through." (male, 9th grade) "White boards" Students said... "Writes things down" "Videos" "Power Points" "Posters up in class" "Things I can touch" "Puts instructions up in class." "Teacher acts it out." "In the classroom, I learn best when my teacher walks around and asks if we need help." (male, 9th) Students said... "Talks to me when I am doing something wrong." (female, 9th) "Noticing when students are struggling and when they need help." (male, 11th) "I don't like it, but when the teacher picks on you, once you understand and tell them the answer, you will NEVER forget." (male, 12th) "Asks questions to ensure we understand." (male, 9th) "They explain it twice" (male, 9th) Students said... "Constantly stresses the main point of the day" (male, 11th) "Gives us time to think about what we are learning." (male, 11th) " When my teacher goes over the lessons a few times." (male, 9th) "Projects and activities where I get to physically and mentally learn." (9th, male) Students said... "When they let the kids participate more." (9th, female) "Gives us time to practice" "Engaging in deep conversations about subjects." (9th, female) "Experiments" "Drawings" Modeling/Explanations/ Examples/Step-by-Step



Activities: Hands-on/ Lab/Projects

Time to Practice/ Repetition/Review Conclusion Connects w/ Students

High Expectations/ Challenging

Provides Feedback

Passionate/ Enthusiastic

Visuals/Demon-strations/ Modeling Sept. 27, 2012 "Most teachers say they only explain it once. I say at least 2 or 3 times." (female, 10) Teacher TOP Five Student TOP Five Teaching and Learning Session
Sept. 27, 2012 Please collect the agenda and handouts at the back of the room. Learning Objective Teachers will review student data collected from student surveys and shadowing project with the purpose of improving instruction.

Teachers will create a MELD lesson plan in collaboration with grade-level, department colleagues, using the reviewed student data as a guide to adjusting pedagogical practices and improving instruction. EUHS' Vision All Monarch Family Members Contributing to Success of Our Students

Teaching to the Highest Standard

Enjoy What You Do!!! MELD Monarchs Effective Lesson Design Metacognition Students are thinking about their thinking.

Student know what to do when they don't know what to do.

Students have strategies for figuring out what they need to know. Monarch Excellence "Metacognition in
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