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8 Characteristics of Civilization

No description

Ryan O'Donnell

on 4 August 2010

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Transcript of 8 Characteristics of Civilization

What is it to be "Civilized"?
A city is a center for trade for a larger area
more than a large group of people living close together
this community offered protection and allowed for all the other
characteristics to begin to flourish
Permanent Records
Began as a way to keep records
Amount of food produced
Weather - rainfall, flooding. When to plant & harvest
Transactions between people within society
Symbols originally stood for common items.
But soon symbols were need for complex ideas
Advanced Technology
specialized knowledge that is used to transform the natural environment and human society
Specialized Workers
Early human societies, people spent much time in obtaining food
Farming allowed for one person to produce surpluses
of food,allowing other other to focus on other tasks.
These specialized workers would then trade
products of servives with each other.
Over time, subsquent generations learn from previous ones and continue to improve
Complex Institutions
As people lived in ever larger communities and there became more of a need for finding ways to organize themselves.
priests took care of religious duties and kept track of the calendar, grain storehouses and important rituals
developed to provide defense,
stability and as a way to
regulate transactions
Social Classes
Abundance in agriculture allowed for some to acquire wealth
With increased trade and specialized labor cities grew and distinctions of social classes become apparent along lines of wealth
Long Distance Trade
Stimulated economies as
well as supplies cities with goods
not naturally found there
Mesopotamia had little resources
(wood, stone, metal)
needed to trade
with others to supply these
(or CONQUER other places!)
Served as a visual representation of civic pride
A sense of unity amongst these people living together
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