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Solar Power

No description

jaelon canady

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Solar Power

pros of solar power
1. its easy to store. its considered green energy.

2.its a automatic backup power.

3.its not tied to certain locations.

4.it is also more easily availible and firm.
how was it made
william grlly adams and his student richard day discovered that if selenium is exposed to light it will give out electricity.
cons of solar power
when its rainy or cloudy its hard to use. they cost to much to put on your roof or to build
how is it used
It produces electricity to houses or anywhere else its used by getting energy from the sun. Sol=sun latin.
where does it come from
solar power comes from the sun. when the solar panels sense the sun it will give out electricity
where is solar mostly used
1. Germany
2. Italy
3. China
4. U.S.A.
5. Japan
(top 5 only)
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