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china's geography

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ly vu

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of china's geography

China's geography The name of the country is China. China's capital is Beijing. China's famous landmarks are the Great wall of China,Forbidden city, Qin Terracotta army,Temple of Heaven,Yangtze river, Yellow river,MT. Everest,Giant panda. China's landforms are the Himalaya,Kunlun Shan ,Tian Shan,and Atlay mountains. China's absolute location is 39 degrees north and 116 degrees west. China's famous landmarks ~The Hangzhou Grand Canal~ China's waterways include the Heilongjiang river, Yangtze river,Pearl river,Huangpu river,Hangzhou Grand Canal. There are 22 provinces in China, but here are 5 of them:
Fujian, Gangsu, Guangdong, Guizhou, and Henan. 4 famous mountains are: Mt.Huangshan,
Emei,Taishan,Huashan. Five famous deserts are:Takelamagan desert,Badanjilin desert,Gu-erbantonggute desert,Kubuqi desert,Tenggeli desert. Five famous rivers are:The Nujiang river,
Brahmaputra river,Liaohe river,Sungari river,
and Lancang river. 5 famous lakes are :
Qinghai lake ,Kanas lake,
Namtso river,Tianchi lake,
and West lake. 5 famous valleys are:valleys of Tibet,Baligou,
Emin,Mutou,and Heixhu valley. China's climate varies from bitter cold winters to unbearable heat in the summer. china's vegetation is : grass,trees,
flower,tropical plants,green plants,
bamboo,forests. China's famous plants are: Magnolia,Jasmine,Gardenia,Phododendron China's famous crops are :rice,
noodles,vegetables,eggs,fish I used google. Five famous exports are :Zinc,nickel,
lumber,mining & oil equipment lead to
China's fastest-growing exports. There are lots of types of living but here are some :they have jobs like information service,hospitality,culture, international
trade business,and education business. The continent China is in is Asia. and encyclopedia .com
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