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Sammé Smith

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Les Lataniers Bleus Done by : Samantha Smith,
Adija Teniz,
Shun Chi Tso,Yun Jie Patricia Ng Introduction
Main problems
Buyer Persona
Criticizing current situation
Aim of Marketing Plan
Grantt Chart
References Contents Page Opened in 1998
Guest house/ Villas
Black River -Mauritius Introduction Seasonality Main Problems The Aim of the Marketing Plan is to increase the occupancy rate by 42% in a 12 month timeframe and manage the Facebook page successfully through launching three focused campaigns, which range from online and offline activities designed for attracting the target market. Aim of Marketing Plan Media Mismanagement SMART Elements How does the objective include this element Specific Increase occupancy rate during winter season (June-September) Manage Facebook page effectivelySouth Africa & Madagascar as Target Market Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-Scaled Increase occupancy rate by 42%. From occupancy rate of 8.3% to 50%
Provide effective management of Facebook Page Budget 9300 – CHF Low risk of failure 12 month timeframe Target Audience Buyer Persona Mr Coetzee
Brand Inspector “Two kinds of viral marketing: The original classic sort in which the marketing is the product and which a self-amplifying cycle occurs i.e. YouTube. The second is the newly evolved one, marketing campaign, i.e. Barack Obama’s poster being spread but is not the product itself”
(Godin, 2008) Purpose Analyze the problems and challenges of the Hotel

Critic the existing marketing plan of the Hotel

Propose new ways to improve the existed PR marketing Plan

Overcome the challenge Why Facebook? General Lack of Awareness Viral Marketing The existed communication tool Worldwide
Low cost
Help to increase awareness Objective To improve the management of the existed Facebook page, by completing the missing part and provide Facebook management tutorial, in order to increase minimum 500 likes by the end of May 2014 How? 1. Community expectations 2. Provide cohesive branding How? 3 .Be up- to – date 4. Live Authenticity How? 6. Enable Peer to Peer Interaction Who? When? Our team
- Reconstruct the page

The owner 5. Participate in dialogue 7. Foster Advocacy 8. Solicit call- to- action Why Viral Video Create Publicity
Increase awareness Objective To create a viral video with publicity stunt, in order to have a total of 500 viewers on YouTube, official website and Facebook page within 3 months after the launch of the video in January 2014 How? Who? When? Mission: Create a publicity stunt

Place: At the airport of Mauritius

Target: 10 Random tourist from the airport per day

Duration: 2 days in December 2013

- About 6 people come form no where keep giving different things to the target like flower necklace, towel for clean their hands, welcoming drinks, sunglasses, hat and map, etc.
- To surprise the target, at last give them a business card and show them the camera, wish them a nice stay
Purpose: To show the enthusiastic service of the hotel
Low Cost
Increasing Media exposure Objective & How To talk to the peers such as the attendees and the journalists at the exhibition, in order to get mention by minimum 3 medias, by the end of June 2014 Mission: Get at least 3 media mention
Place: Indaba Tourism Exhibition
Duration: During the exhibition
Content: Talk to the attendees and journalist at the Indaba Tourism Exhibition as the representative of the small and medium hotel of Mauritius.
Purpose: Get media mention and increase awareness Gantt Chart #1 Facebook page: Jun 2013

#2 Viral Video: Dec 2013

#3 Live peer to peer: May 2014 Budget Facebook 500chf
Viral Video 800chf
Cost of Project 8000chf
=Total of amount 9300chf Cost Vs Outcomes 9300 CHF Increase the awareness and publicity
Create media mention
Increase the occupancy during lower season Conclusion References Barstow, O. (2012).5 Reasons to visit Mauritius .Available: http://www.travelbag.co.uk/blog/2012/january/5-reasons-to-visit-mauritius. Last accessed May 21st, 2013.

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