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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

No description

Nina Hamard

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

No hardships of their adventure changed Jim’s character.
Jim is a father figure to Huck because of the life lesson he taught Huck:

Loyalty towards family and friends

*Huck lived in the South, which was in favor of slavery
Friendship and Adventure
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
* Using the Mississippi River as a road to freedom, running away to the North of the US
Mark Twain
1835- 1910
Thank you!
By: Nina, Gwen, Arthur, Fernando & Stefano
Mississippi River
Huck and Jim head out on a journey in hope of seeking freedom. Freedom from slavery and from the civilized life.
Throughout the story Huck makes new friends and with them he experiences the adventure of a lifetime
Huck struggles to comprehend why black people are treated worse than others. Jim's main goal is to become a free man, Huck helps him to achieve this.
Main theme was
Grew up in
Hannibal, Missouri
Mark Twain
Wrote stories since he was
"We would sell the raft and get on a steamboat and go way up the Ohio amongst the free states, and then be out of trouble” (Twain 80).
"We let her [the raft] float wherever the current wanted her to; then we lit the pipes, and dangled our legs in the water, and talked about all kinds of things- (...), days and nights” (Twain 118)
Wrote famous,
Huckleberry Finn
“I was stealing a poor old woman’s n** that hadn’t ever done me no harm” (Twain 212).
“But somehow I couldn’t seem to strike no places to harden me against him, but only the other kind. I’d see him standing my watch (…). I was the best friend old Jim ever had in the world, and the only one he’s got now(...). I would go to work and steal Jim out of slavery again; (…) (Twain 212).

Friends will be there for you in times
of need
Abusive Parents
Economical difference
Huck and Jim
need each other to survive.
not considered human,
but Jim is more human than anyone in the novel
Connections to the world:
*Different activities for different time periods
*Before the
Civil War
"My clothes got to be all rags and dirt, and I didn't see how I'd got to like it so well at the widow's, where you had to wash and eat on a plate, and comb up, and go to bed and get up regular, and be forever bothering over a book, and have old Miss Watson pecking at you all the time. I didn't want to go back no more... It was pretty good times up in the woods take it all around."
"I was a-trembling, because I'd got to decide, forever betwixt two things and I knowed it. I studied a minute, sort of holding my breath, and then says to myself: 'All right then I'll go to hell' and tore it up!"
Mini Quiz/Review
1. Where did the story take place?
2. What was the authors main theme?
3. Name one themes of the story? Describe?
4. Name a symbol of the story, and its meaning.
5. Who are the main characters?
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