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jueves el diecisiete de septiembre

No description

Alison Brink

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of jueves el diecisiete de septiembre

Hoy es jueves el diecisiete de septiembre
La meta
students will be able to recognize the correct and incorrect pronunciation of the letter ´e´

students will be able to respond with the correct written form of answers to questions asked in Spanish

students will be familiar with active vocabulary
Listen and repeat after the native speaker
pay close attention to the correct pronunciation of the words in Spanish
el vocabulario
se llama- he or she is named
le gusta (n)- he or she likes
no le gusta(n)- he or she does not like
el cuento
Hay un muchacho. Se llama Bob. Le gusta la rana, pero no le gusta el pájaro. Bob come hamburgüesas. Bob habla francés y escribe en inglés. Bob escucha música en español. Bob va a Gresham y come hamburgüesas en el Wendy´s.
Listening comprehenison
I will ask questions and say answers in Spanish based on our conversational vocab.
listening comprehension
I will say phrases in Spanish. Translate the phrases to English on your loose leaf notebook paper
please write the date in Spanish in your notes
today you will need your spiral for notes and one piece of loose leaf paper to turn in
On your loose leaf notebook paper, please write in Spanish either the correct question or answer, based on what you hear
write the story in your notes
write the story in English on your loose leaf notebook paper
Questions to ask yourself...
how often are you studying your vocab?

how should you practice your vocab?

are you ready for a test?
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