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Gathering Blue Vs. Giver

compare and contrast

Angel Hernandez

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Gathering Blue Vs. Giver

Comparing and Contrasting Kira Vs. Jonas Characteristics Setting Conflict Gathering Blue Kira's motivation is her friends. They are all sad looking and can't do anything about. One of her biggest is Jo. She gets beaten and tortured by guardians. Kira also has to keep fighting because of her twisted leg. Kira Kira is a kind, one of a kind, girl. She is kind because she risked her life to help Jo. She also always tries to help, but she doesn't always. One example is when she tells the tykes stories. Jonas Jonas is a smart, young boy. The chief elder said that was one of his traits, one of the ones he needed to become the Receiver of Memory. He is also very brave. Especially when e received the memory of a broken leg. He was brave enouh to return to the job. Gathering Blue Giver Gathering Blue was stationed at a poor looking, old village. It's near a forest and there is supposedly "beasts". Kira's father was "taken" by them. The Giver is at a perfect utopia. The people can't see colors and everything is assigned. Giver The conflict in Gathering Blue is that the skilled children are taken by the guardians. Jo is one example. Her parents died and they took hr because of her singing ability. Both Both Both Both The End!!! Both of these characters are brave, smart, and have integrity. They all show it when they meet someone. Kira's was her father, Jonas's was the Giver. Both of the settings are not that good. Jonas's is good, but not exciting because nothing happens. Kira's is just dirty and unorganized. The conflict in the giver is that Jonas finds out that his community isn't all that great. He finds out what really happens at a Ceremony of Release and how the chief elders really think. Both of these conflicts involve a council that rules all. Jonas's doesn't do that much and they keep their bad actions hidden while the guardians in Gathering Blue let people know what would happen to them. Motivation Kira Jonas Jonas's motivation is the Giver. He looks like he's in pain, but he still goes on to teach Jonas. The Giver could run away, but he is there to help the people, the elders, and Jonas get through their life. Both of their motivations involve friends and community. They both care for everyone they know. Even people they don't know!
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