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Current Global Issues and Canada

No description

Chris-Ann Smith

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of Current Global Issues and Canada

Political Social Economical Environmental Current Global Issues and Canada Arms Trade Racism Food Aid Populaton Child Deaths Pollution Floods Child Labour Poverty Global Recession Global Warming and
Climate Change People living within a country
or political boundary. Canada's population is growing so
quickly that most people don't have
jobs. Estimation of 34, 143, 000
people in Canada. A lot of underaged teens
are having babies. An underage infant who
dies either immediately after or a few yaers later after birth. A 22 month baby died by the
province because she belonged
to the First Nations. illiterate Not able to read or write. Canada builds schools for
illiterate children in many
countries such as, India and
Canada. Some people take these schools
for granted and use them for
violence towards the children. To improve childrens literacy,
Canada has invented Family
Literacy Night in schools Grown ups that are illiterate do not
have jobs, which means they don't
have money for health care or
to provide the basic necessities for
their chilren The environment being harmed
with bad substances created by
humans. Pollution leads to Global
Warming because air pollution
is destroying the ozone layer.

Multiple things cause pollution
such as cars, greenhouse gas,
people and many more. Population also contributes to
pollution because more people,
mean more transportaion. Canada was the first country
to sign the convention which
led us to encourage other countries
into doing it as well. Ontario also has major
programmes to decrease
pollution . Such as the air, water,
climate change and energy
programme. An increase in the average
temperature of Earth's
atmosphere. Canada's Boreal Forests are
decreasing with carbon due
to global warming. It used to be 208 million tons
but now it is about 205 million
tons. Canadians are concerned that
with their natural recourses,
they are still getting an impact
on the climate change. Due to global warming, the
tempertaure is increasing each
yearand the slightest change in
Canada's temperature could make
a huge impact. These changes could cause
dramatic changes in rainfall,
sea levels, and weather patterns
Global Warming is doing
tremendouse damage to earth
and if we don't find an accurate
solution, we could all die. The rising of body of water in
which over flows onto dry land. Floods are caused by heavy
rainfall, malting of a thick ice
patch, ice jam, or failure of a
natural or mn-made dam. Floods can occur when a
high tide is in action because
it is flowing over the waters
boundery. Floods are the number one in property
damage baecause the preasure of the water
over takes what a hbuilding could handel. Having a little or no money Over 3 billion survive on less than
$2.50 a day. Nearly a billion people in the the 21st
century was unable to read a book. Every cent that the governments took
to buy weapons, was enouge for many
children to attend school. One billion children live in poverty. 10.6 million children died before
the age of 5 in 2003. Most people do not have enough
money to afford health services. About 40 million people had HIV/
AIDS and died in 2004. Period of global economic slowdown. Children between the age of 5
and 17 working for a wage profit. Prejudice towards people of a
particular race. Global buisness that sells weapons. Transfer of recourses from one country to another. 15% of people are unemployed.
Since the banks had to follow
rules, Canada didn't have such
a big impact during the reccession. The price of houses are increasing
even if they do not deserve the price
the owner is selling it for. Child labour depries children of
their freedom and going to school. In urban areas, they reduce the wages
of adults in order to get children and lower
wages. Obama's administration is taking away
a rule that force canadian companies
working on or handeling American
weapon technology. Canada strives toward tolerance
and understanding exceptence of
all cultures. Canada has given a lot of canned food products
to Haiti when they had an earthquake. Food Aid relates to global recession
because, when the developing countries
do not have enough money to afford food,
they might ask other countries to send them
food. Illierate relates to Child Labour beacuse
children do not attend school so they do
not know how to read or write.
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