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virtual class room

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 1 September 2017

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Transcript of virtual class room

Explain Everything and Powerpoint
Explain everything is very helpful. Because if I need to record my computation strategy I just get on my i pad and record it. Then i can send it to my teacher and see if it is good.
Hardware is what holds software it is what lets you access all the apps and other things on the internet. It is very helpful for information and a lot of other things. You can use it for pretty much anything.
virtual class room
Software is what is inside
hardware. Its all the apps and little websites that help you access the internet. They help you get information, gaming and research. These are all very helpful depending on what you need.
Email and You tube
Powerpoint is very helpful. Because I can email it to my teacher, I can put on life for my teachers to see and I can put as much as I can on it.
Email is very helpful.
Because I can send my
power point, I can email
my link of my youtube video
and I can send my Explain

Our school is
shut down. OLA is no longer
a school! How am I going to learn. Oh I know I can make a virtual class room and use SOFTWARE and HARDWARE.
You tube is very helpful.
Because I can put videos
on our private site for the teacher to see, I can email the link and I can get feed back on it from my teacher and make it again if I need.
i pads and computers
I Pads
I pads are very helpful.
Because I can use apps, my math
task and taking photos. They also are very good for holding storage such as the apps and photos.
computers are like I pads but more complex. They hold more storage they have more accessories and
can they have more applications. you can also get more information.
Mouse and keyboard
mouses and key board are helpful for a computer
mouses and keyboards
are helpful for computers.
They send commands into the computer it gets it then does the command and it shows up on the screen but it does it extremely fast so you don't have to wait.

I'm going to be
showing you what
you could use if you
needed to interact with
your teacher if you weren't
at school or if your school
was shut down.
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