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ABnote Documents

Process flow

Matthew Beal

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of ABnote Documents

It's what we do! Lets have a closer look Do you have a credit card, an identity card, a loyalty or phone card? ABnote....who? or a driver's licence? if you use cheques or money orders or pay bills online if you handle utility accounts, donate blood or borrow library books.... chances are you know us already. Card Solutions
Document Services If you need anything to do with Here's a bit more detail in, lets say.......... Document services Mail Management Return to Sender Services Multi-channel Document Presentation Electronic Archiving Solution Digital and Offset Printing Barcode I.T. Systems Development Payment Processing Services Intelligent Pick, Pack & Fulfilment
Electronic payment processing & Handline applications We manage your items from general direct mail through to complex specialised fulfilment needs Customers can interact in real time to search, retrieve and review key operational and performance information on demand customised and integrated end-to-end mail solutions We know that dealing with return mail can be a nightmare! We manage inbound mail collection, separation and
processing on behalf of our clients Tracking down lost customers is a key feature
of our RTS service We have the technologies and experience to allow you to reach your customers
through channels of their choice IT enabled solutions are customised to your needs and distribute
messages via
web or
SMS We also offer customised, hosted web-based electronic document presentment and payment solutions Enables fast delivery, archival and document retrieval for
remote and
partner organisations The retrieved documents are exact replicas of the printed original! This enhances
customer support
increases staff productivity and
improves information flow On Demand Printing One2One Printing AKA.... only print what you need, when you need it! Thus reducing the cost of storage and waste for your marketing collateral. We offer... We can personalise each marketing message using multiple channels, variable images as well as variable text. So you can speak to your customers one-on-one! Offset Printing
The most Cost-effective method for producing long-run, static documents
required for very high resolution printing to support security features, such as thermal printing We specialise in highly accurate barcode symbols Using unique electrophotographic barcode labels are created via a no-contact flash fusion technique producing... high quality
extraordinarily durable
versatility in sizing...... ...so we can match different requirements of various industry barcode management systems Re Data enhancement.......we use leading composition applications including
Print-Soft and
XMpie to deliver cost effective scalable and flexible solutions Whether your needs are to
print or
electronically deliver with text or variable images,
We analyze your business challenges and design customised solutions that are fully integrated into your daily operational needs We work with you to understand your individual requirements A complete payment processing solution including
cheque base stock
stationery supply
management with a high level of reconciliation within the process. Development and implementation can be tailored by one of our dedicated Project Managers to suit your needs We can also manage from your inbound communications with your customers via web, fax, email and return mail Secure Business Solutions Provider Innovative End-to-end Mail Management Cost Smart Integrated in meeting your Needs
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