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Julia Vizental

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Proposal

Our company has been a part of St. Mary’s for almost 5 years. The Medical Staff, Nurses, Administration and St. Mary’s employees know our team both professionally and personally. The rapport we have developed these last five years will carry through to our new Intensivist model.
Both candidates are critical care and neuro-ICU certified.

Bay Area Hospitalists
Intensivist Proposal

Thank you.
We appreciate your time and consideration.

Staff Model
Shorter Start Up Time
Critical Care

Limited scope of practice to inpatient critical care not pulmonary consultation.

Advanced Skills
Less bureaucracy allows for customizing the role of the Intensivist to meet St. Mary’s needs.

Continuity of Care
Culture of Involvement
We Are Local
From the staff to the administrative team, we all live and work in the Bay Area. San Francisco is our home and we are invested in making our hospital and community thrive.
We Are Flexible
Because of our small company size we are adaptable to the changing needs of the institution. We can adjust processes and procedures in real time without having to run them through corporate committees.
We Are Available
Our group already has a 24/7 presence at St. Mary’s Medical Center. We have a proven record in the ICU and adding Intensivists to our team will only strengthen our patient care model within the unit.
We are Recognized
What others say about us...
"Working together you made my three days of healing a memorable experience.”
-BAHA patient
“The BAHA group is the most innovative and engaged Hospitalists I've ever worked with.”

"extremely competent"
-BAHA patient

24/7 staffing of ICU patients since 2013:

Reduced average ICU length of stay by almost 2 days/patient

Initiated rounding checklist to improve quality of care

Standardized work flows to assist Residents and Nursing Manager

Compliance with various bundles (vent management, sepsis, etc.)

Ongoing participation in the integrated multidisciplinary team

Healthcare delivery is changing from fee-for-service to fee-for-value.

BAHA embraces this paradigm shift. We strive to enhance our ownership of responsibility across the care spectrum.

Engaged physicians across all levels of care ensures high-quality care while being mindful of cost.

Culture of Involvement
BAHA Medical Staff & Hospital Participation 2015
1) Multispecialty Peer Review
2) CME
3) DC Planning
4) Readmissions
5) Patient Throughput
6) ED Dignity Way
7) Sepsis
8) Ethics
9) Quality
10) Dept. of Medicine
11) Adverse Drug Reactions
12) APAC
13) UM
14) Data Trends Council
15) Patient Experience
16) Resident Performance
17) GME Core Faculty
18) Pain Management
19) Performance Excellence
20) Dignity Physician Leadership
Development Program (PLDP)
We are part of the St. Mary’s family:
Seven former residents (four were chief residents)
are BAHA physicians.

We believe in St. Mary’s as a community institution:
We hold a deep sense of responsibility and stewardship for SMMC.

We believe in SMMC’s Core Values:
Dignity, Collaboration, Justice, Stewardship,
and Excellence.

We will hold our Intensivist recruits to the same high standard of participation, collaboration, and engagement.
Have 2 highly-qualified applicants wanting to start, both are well-connected locally to assist with recruitment.

Seamless Continuity
Tailored for fee-for-value

Formed at St Mary’s in 2010
A trusted partner in caring for our patients

Deep understanding of the people and the systems at SMMC

Dr. Jeong*
Dr. Jensen*
Dr. Krishnan
Dr. Kim, Dr. Brumwell
Dr. Enderby
Dr. Jensen
Dr. Yang, Dr. Pham
Dr. Mikrut, Dr. Lai
Dr. Portier, Dr. Wen
Dr. Jensen
Dr. Jeong*
Dr. Pham, Dr. Ha
Dr. Enderby
Dr. Enderby
Dr. Krishnan
Dr. Kim, Dr. Portier
Dr. Kim, Dr. Pham
Dr. Yang, Dr. Ha
Dr. Jeong
Dr. Jeong
Culture of Involvement
Commitment to GME
Simplicity of Consultation
From OR, ICU to Floor: One number, one call - one team!
By having Intensivists and Hospitalists as part of the same team, consultation remains a one step process.

As a BAHA consultant team, we will follow your patient through the continuum from OR to discharge.

BAHA Partnership in Every Role
Whether functioning as consultant or as primary, our goal is to support YOU!

Being a part of BAHA means maintaining a high standard of professional integrity.

Safer Physician Hand-Offs
Research shows that structured hand-off protocols improve patient safety - but implementation is key.

A well integrated hand-off system already exists within BAHA’s infrastructure -in use and it works everyday!

ICU teaching has historically benefited from our
personal interest in critical care.

All BAHA Hospitalists are Fundamentals in Critical Care Support (FCCS) certified.

Notable didactics by Dr. Kim, Dr. Wen, Dr. Mikrut, Dr. Jensen, Dr. Jeong, but all ICU Hospitalists have produced didactic lectures for the ICU residents.

Introduced standardized system-oriented checklists for rounding with Hospitalists, residents and nursing staff in the ICU.

Established an institution-wide sign-out/handoff process for all patients being cared for by residents to ensure patient safety and quality needs.
Hospitalist Teaching Presence in the ICU
Intensivist Integration with Graduate Medical Education
We will require the ICU Director to meet early
with the IM Program Director and Chief Residents to refine the ICU curriculum developed by BAHA Core Faculty Hospitalists.

There will be a coordinated effort between the BAHA Core Faculty Hospitalists and the ICU Director to accomplish this task.
We offer a
education of residents, and will be able to share teaching methods and customized curriculums between ICU and wards.
BAHA’s presence on the Resident Performance Committee will immediately give the Intensivist a voice regarding resident performance and educational opportunities.
Rapid integration into GME teaching curriculum.

We will require Intensivists to immediately participate in GME Faculty Development conferences.

3.5 FTE Model

Two (2) five-day rotations/month

7a-7p in-house while 7p-7a are call from home with exception

Maintains Leapfrog IPS Standards

(*) = committee chair
Practicing for over 15 years, currently serving as instructor for Society of Critical Care Medicine courses.

"Excellent team!"

"Strong Communication
with solid handoffs"

"my grandmother’s speedy recovery is a result of the doctors hard work."
-BAHA ICU patient
-John Selle, DO
Primary Care Physician
-Barbara Brownell
Case Management Leadership
-Richard Gerber, MD
Brown and Tolland Board of Directors
"The BAHA group is awesome! They are always quick to respond and take exceptional care of my patients."
-Kenneth Akizuki, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon
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