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Criminal Justice Career Research Project

No description

Ashley Castillo

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Criminal Justice Career Research Project

Criminal Justice Career Research Project
F.B.I. Agent
They solve crimes and national crises'
They need a college degree with prior experience (at least three years). Must have more than a Bachelors degree with more then a 2.95 GPA. They have to pass the oral, written, physical, and physiological testing when applying. 16-27 weeks of LET.
They get about 61,000-121,000 dollars annually.
They have to use forensic science, math (specifically algebra), and good oral representation.
Juvenile Probation Officer
Supervises offenders who have been released into the community to ensure they are following the rules of probation.
Need to have a Bachelors degree in social work, criminology, or a related field. Physiological tests and medical evaluation may be given as well.
Paid 30,000-85,000 a year.
They have to use good English to communicate with their probationee's.
State Court Judge
Presides over courts of law, making sure the court administers justice while representing people's legal rights.
Have to be a lawyer first and must have a Bachelors degree. Must take the law school admission LSAT after taking three years of law school.
They make from 30,000-167,000 a year.
They use science to determine the punishment for the convict and use math for bail.
Blood and DNA Analyst
They use science and technology to analyze, identify, and compare evidence from crime scenes.
They need to take an advanced level of science and math classes in high school. The minimum education is 4 year Bachelor science degree.
They make 35,000-100,000 dollars a year.
They have to use science and math to figure out DNA and determine possible outcomes from evidence.
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