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A powerpiont all about my favorite pokemon.

Claire Rider

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Meloetta

Meloetta All about Meloetta The Transformation A Variety of Moves Awww... But wait! There's More! Now this is... ADORABLE!!! Farewell. Meloetta is a pokemon known for it's beauty and grace. It is known to be very serene. In it's Aria form, it's a angel like singer and in it's pirouette form it's a stunning dancer. The Melody Pokemon. Meloetta may be beautiful, but like an elegant rose, every beauty has it's thorns. Meloetta's is the move Relic Song. Using this move it may transform into it's pirouette form. It also knows Perish Song which makes any pokemon that hears it faint in three turns. Meloetta can also sing a song that expresses it's feelings. It makes anyone who hears it fall in love with it. Beautiful is she not? I LOVE Meloetta. She is amazing in every way possible. She even had her own series on tv! Pokemon Best Wishes. 15 episodes, 15 adventures, 1 Meloetta. In the anime, Meloetta is the star. Think you've had enough?
WRONG!!! This final video sums things up. Meloetta is safe and is returning home, singing a farewell song. Good bye. This next videos will show Meloetta's marvelous transformation from a singer into a dancer. Perfection is the key to life. :D
Fin <3
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