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Environmental Management and Economics

Add Oil!!!!!

Cathy Zou

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Environmental Management and Economics

Act Do Check Plan How to improve the EMS of Swire Beverage: a review on its 2007 Environmental Report Performance:
It identifies activities that can have environmental impacts 1. Identify activities or aspects that can have environmental impacts and evaluate the impacts 2. Review the legal requirements How did SB implement the plan? Scarlett, SHAO KANGNING 11022522
Sherry, SUN ZHIYING 11023033
Crystal, ZHANG YUANYUAN 11023136
Cathy, ZOU ZIXIAN 11022510 Introduction of Swire Beverage (SB) Swire Beverages
the principal holding company for Swire Pacific's bottling activities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China and USA.
supplying Coca-Cola products to over 400 million people in the Asia Pacific region and eleven states in the USA. Why we choose SB ? Its products are popular in our daily life.
Large amount of beverage are produced everyday but the production process will cause several environmental impacts: sewage discharge, air pollution, etc. Introduction of EMS The Core Elements Of An EMS:
Identify environmental aspects by conducting an initial environmental review

Dr Deming’s Cycle Of Continuous Improvement Improvement:
Evaluate the environmental impacts of these activities in order to set the clear targets. (e.g. evaluate the CO2 emitted from the bottling plants) Performance:
It only mentions the legal requirements in the sentence: “The certification demonstrates that we are able to meet all relevant environmental legal requirements and importantly that we are committed to continual improvement in environmental performance.”

Review the legal requirements related to the aspects and environmental impacts which are identified in the former process.

Clear identification & evaluation of environmental aspects + Review of legal requirements --> a clearer environmental target 3. Make an environmental policy Performance:
It only mentions the environmental policy: “The primary responsibility for implementation of our Environmental Policy rests with the General Manager of each operating company” Improvement:
Show the key content (focus, objectives, aspects) of the environmental policy.
E.g. In the environmental policy, SB hopes to be a good steward of the natural resources and biodiversity, and etc.

Targets & results

All remaining facilities should be certified to the eKO system -->→ Achieved

20% by volume of treated wastewater effluent to be reused externally →--> 5 operating units supply treated wastewater effluent for external use

Install 50 more units of RVM in HK and are investigating the possibility of applying this technology in Mainland China and Taiwan -->→ installation of 9 RVM 4. Determine what type of internal performance criteria is required Performance:
It shows that the EMS is compatible with the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 and The Coca-Cola Environmental Management (eKO) System.

Attach the The Coca-Cola Environmental Management (eKO) System for reference 5. Establish environmental objectives and targets Performance:
It identifies four key performance indicators : water consumption, energy use, emission of greenhouse gases and waste generation

It should set the clear targets and baseline. Performance:
Not mentioned

The report should analyse the possible causes of non-achievement like...
technological shortage
financial shortage
managing shortage/ educational shortage
the target is not feasible

Not mentioned

upgrade existing facilities/ cooperate with other corporations
attract more investment
hire elites & train managers
modify the target 6. Develop environmental plans and management program. Performance:
This report shows no plans and programs.

It should give a brief introduction of the Swire Beverage’s environmental plans and programs.

According to the aspirations set for 2010:

20% WUR reduction

20% EUR reduction

Zero discharge

Replacement of all coal fired boilers

5% renewable energy use

20% fleet efficiency increase

20% less waste to landfill/incineration

20% less production wastage

100% environmental compliance at distribution centres, warehouses and co-packers Improvement: (modify the targets) 1. Define roles & responsibilities Performance:
Not mentioned

specify the targets
(e. g. 20% fleet efficiency increase --> upgrade 20% of existing facilities to the more efficient one)

set up more short-term targets in order to achieve its long-term targets step by step
(e. g. 20% less waste to landfill/incineration in 3 years --> 5% less waste to landfill/incineration in the first year, etc.) Performance:
General manager: the primary responsibility for implementation of environmental policy:
Environmental committees: establish, implement and maintain EMS

more specific: define the roles, responsibilities and cooperation among different departments 2. Comply with environmental law & regulation Performance:

100% compliance with all environmental legal requirements 3. Establish document control system & operational controls Performance:
It mentions a comprehensive water balancing and leakage monitoring exercise conducted in Zhengzhou facility

set up the monitoring system to control other environmental impact, e.g. air pollutant emission

set up document control system (for storing the documents such as procedures, work instructions, policy statements,etc)

do the routine preventive maintenance and check the monitoring/ control system 4. Establish preparedness & response system 1. Measure the environmental impact & maintain periodic record Performance:
The Swire Beverage have yearly data of environmental impacts from different aspects including amount of GHG emission, energy consumption, waste generation,etc. Performance:

The report did not mention.

set up the preparedness & response system(e.g. raise the employees' safety awareness so as to reduce the industrial injury, prepare contingency plans for the potential accidents identified) 5. Establish internal & external communication mechanisms Performance:

Internal: engage employees to reduce waste water at home
External: not mentioned

Internal: improve the cooperation and communication between different departments and levels; provide EMS training for employees
External: offer activities or programmes to improve public environmental awareness (e.g. involve more people in recycling), and cooperate with other parties such as the media. 2. Conduct EMS auditing & Identify EMS non-conformance Performance:
Some auditing results didn't have the parameters corresponding to the targets (waste water).
Some results are not conform to the targets, but the nonconformance haven't been mentioned.

the same parameters should be used on the same aspect of auditing results , so that the reader can easily compare them with the targets.
And identify the non-conformance: the no. of RVM didn't match the target. What did SB plan? What did SB do to review the implementation? What did SB do after checking? 3. Conduct corrective and preventive actions Conclusion Performance:
Corrective action: to make up the deficiency of RVM, the 5 manual collection points have been established to recover post consumption waste.

Preventive action: provide more financial supporting for building up RVM to achieve the target We can see SB's effort on continuous improvement of the environmental management from the report, but they still have a long way to go. Improvement of the report:
can be reorganized in a more logical way
(e. g. Key Achievements should be mentioned before Looking Forward)
more detailed and transparent
(e.g. SB's environmental policy, etc.) Auditing results & targets conformance non-conformance 3. Suggest further means of improvement & modify targets 2. Determine methods of correction 1. Analyze results against targets What will we do? In our presentation, we will analyse the EMS of SB based on the mechanism from literature review and what we learnt in class, and then give our suggestions to the improvement of the EMS. Why we choose SB Report 2007? 2008 cannot be found
2009-2012 are Sustainable Development report
2007 is the most updated one which only focuses on environment not using same parameter References not using the same parameter non-conformance conformance
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