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70s Music and Entertainment

No description

Camila Roson

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of 70s Music and Entertainment

70s Music and Entertainment
Happy Days
Brady Bunch
Charlies Angels
Saturday Night Fever
The Godfather
Star Wars
Funk & Soul
Marvin Gaye
Jackson 5
Aretha Franklin
Bobby Byrd
James Brown - creator of funk
Rock: Punk & Progressive
hybrid genre
rock mixed w/ other genres
philosophical lyrics
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath
Neil Young
The Who
Donna Summer
Gloria Gaynor
Bee Gees
disco defined the 70s
Works Cited
This website helped me discover bands and musicians of different years in the 70s
This website helped me determine what Punk Rock was
This website gave me itel on all kinds of music genre of the 70s
This website helped me find movies and described how the industry worked for movies and Tv in the 70s
Chen, Yong. American History. Parsippany: Pearson Education, 2003. Print.
This book helped me research music in the 70s.
short and fast paced songs
political, anti-establishment lyrics
Sex pistols
The clash
Bands like Pink Floyd are still listened to today
Jaws and Charlies Angels had influence on movies and tv today
Music and Entertainment influence one another
Brady Bunch
Interview w/ Led Zeppelin
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