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all about horses

No description

Manor Prep

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of all about horses

different ways of riding
there are many different ways of riding such as showjumping
cross country
and many more but there are two main types of riding european and western.
show jumping is a corse of jumps in a enclosed space and the horse has to jump the fences trying not to knock them down.
cross country
cross country is a more spread out version of showjumping but they are solid jumps and go through fields and are not in a enclosed space.
different breeds
all about horses
there are many different breeds of horse such as arab
quarter horse
but this is only a few of the breeds that you can get. here are some pictures
dressage is also in a enclosed space but instead of jumping it is were you have to make the horse go into a beautiful shape and you do a test.
barrel racing
barrel racing is were there are three barrels that are evenly spread out in a triangle. you then have to weave through the barrels and get back to the start in the fastest time
cattle drives
a cattle drive isn't so much a competition but is more of a fun thing to do in America it is were you have a big herd of cattle in a range of different fields and you have to go and round them up. you normally do this with many people.
now for some short video
thank you for watching and reading
pictures of the smallest and biggest horse
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