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Why do people settle new areas: The Southern Colonies

Social Studies 3-3

Tom Bartello

on 7 February 2012

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Transcript of Why do people settle new areas: The Southern Colonies

Why do people settle new areas:
The Southern Colonies. Maryland 3-3 Vocabulary Carolina and Georgia The Creek help Oglethorpe So why do people settle new areas? Plantation debtor indigo A large farm that grows one crop as a cash crop.
Root word means to plant. A person who owes money but cannot repay it. A plant used to make blue dye (like in your clothes: blue jeans) Is about... how the Southern Colonies were different from other settlements. 1. George Calvert wanted to start a Catholic colony north of Virginia, but died before he could. 2. His son, Cecilius, founded the colony, Maryland, and along with his brother ran it like a business. 3. Catholics AND Protestants lived together in Maryland but did not always get along so... 4. In 1649 an assembly passed the Tolerance Act allowing religious freedom.
It said Catholics and Protestants could not threaten each other. Questions:
What generalization can you make about the Calverts?
Explain why different religions were tolerated in Maryland.
Why was Maryland founded? Summary: Maryland was started as a Catholic colony. Cathlics and Protestants lived together in the colony but did not always get along. To support the colonies growth the Tolerance Act was passed to give religious freedoms to the settlers and attract more people. 1. King Charles II gives 8 proprietors a charter to found Carolina.
A warm climate and narutal resources lead to plantations and a strong economy. 2. Differences in economic growth between Northern and Southern Carolina cause the state to split. 3. General Oglethorpe wanted to start a colony of debtors.
Thought it would be a good way to make money. 4. King George II wanted a general to run the colony to the south to protect it from the Spanish and FRENCH. Question:
Make generalizations about why Carolina split into two.
What kind of work did people do on plantations? Summary:
The Carolina colony had a successful economy establishing plantations and selling cash crops. However, the slow growth of the North and fast growth of the South caused the colony to split into North Carolina and South Carolina. Summary:
King George II wanted to start a colony to the South run by a military man to protect the colonies to the north from the French and Spanish.
General Oglethorpe wanted to start a colony of debtors instead of keeping them in jail.
Georgia is settled to meet the needs of both men. (Named after the king.) Cecilius Calvert George Calvert King Charles II Charter Plantation King George II General Oglethorpe General Oglethorpe 1. Olgethorpe befriends the Natives to start a good relationship with the local people. (Tomochichi) 2. Mary Musgrove helps keep peace by translating between Natives and English. 3. Georgia gets off to a bad start with failed crops and only a few debtors moving to the colony. 4. However, the offer of free land and freedoms of religion lead to the quick growth of the colony.
With few debtors to work the colony slaves were eventually brought in to meet the need for workers. Summary:
Olgethorpe's goal of developing a colony of debtors and free of slaves failed. However, due to free land and freedoms of religion, Georgia did grow to be a successful colony. Questions:
What generalization can you make about the growth of slavery in Georgia?
How did Mary Musgrove help the Creek and Georgia colonists? Maryland:
Colonists came to Maryland because it provided a religious haven (safe place to practice beliefs). Carolina:
Settlers came to Carolina for land and jobs, mostly they wanted to make a... PROFIT. $$$ Georgia:
Settlers came to Geogia for free land and religious freedom (attracted many poor settlers from all over Europe). So what.... Summarize what is important to know about the Southern Colonies and why people settled the area. Olgethorpe Tomochichi Mary Musgrove
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