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German Reyna

on 1 April 2010

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Transcript of COOL STUFF 2.0

COOL STUFF 2.0 And how it works Technology from the Future Making life better Better technology This American concept building changes shape as the wind blows. Its six vertical layers are free to rotate around a central column. The breeze gently turns each layer in a different way so the tower's outline constanly changes This movement could drive electric generators to produce enough electricity to illuminate the pavillion at night Life straw Wind-shaped pavillion Water in rivers and pond is unsafe to drink because it cantains a mixture of impurities. LifeStraw removes these in stages. At the bottom, a pair of textile filters remove soil and dirt and the larger clumps of bacteria. Filtering alone is not enough to make the water safe, because viruses and bacteria are small enough to pass through. So the next stage of the process uses chemical called iodine to disinfect the water by killing the bacteria and the viruses. ASIMO The only robot in the world that can walk independently, ASIMO can also run around corners and climb stairs. During a brisk walk, human leg joints experience forces nearby twice our body weight. The same is true of ASIMO, which wears padded shoes to cushion the impact. ASIMO's arms are complex enough to carry trays, push carts, and even hold hands Robot Fish Plen Today's factory robots are just remote-controlled machines wired to the wall, but future robots will be more mobile and indepentent. This wireless robot controlled by a bluetooth or cell phone, is a step closer. It can walk, wave and move in the reponse to commands sent from the keypad VENTUREONE ventureone uses hybrid power(gas and electicity). A compact gas engine at the back drivers an electricity generator and batteries, which power two electic motors inside the wheels. When the vehicle brakes, the energy normally wasted is caputured and used to recharge the batteries, increasing
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