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Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno

No description

kyle liu

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno

Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno

Early History
My explorer is Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno. Cermeno was born in the late 1600s and died in the early 1700s. He came from Portugal. He piloted some ships and was an adventurer and was also a skilled navigator.

Cermeno’s Journey

Cermeno left Acapulco with a small fleet of ships in 1594 to head to Manila. With him, Cermeno brought a launch,which is a small boat that you can use to explore bays and rivers in CA. He and his crew crossed Manilla to California, then sighted land near Point St. George (near the California and Oregon border). By that time a bad storm happened, but Cermeno did not concur with the sailors about sailing back to Acapulco. He decided to sail near the coast. Then he stopped at a little bay he named La Baya de San Francisco. He also made descriptions of his peaceful meetings with the indians. He camped on the beach and spent the next few days looking around the area. The crew then put the together the launch. On November 30, 1595 a bad storm came Gale winds and waves pounded. Within a hour the ship had sunk with 12 crewmen lost in the wreck. Now the crew was glad they had the launch. The 70 crewmen crowdly set out for Acapulco. They had very little supplies mostly dried meat, fruits, and acorns, that they got from the indians. Cermeno and his crew stopped at every possible bay, getting food from the indians. He finally reached Mexico in January 1596.

Cermeno’s accomplishments
His most important accomplishment was to map California’s coast accurately; however, he lost his ship, the San Agustin, and all its cargo. That’s why no one uses his charts.
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