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evaluation 5

No description

tom norgrove

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of evaluation 5

How did you attract/address your audience? The headline shown on the front cover of my magazine is printed in British colours in order to appeal to mods, as their culture is patriotic as well as proud, as shown by mod artists such as Paul Weller and Blur. This technique has also been used by magazines such as NME. The model, shown to the left, that I have chosen to use for my project, I believe, will appeal to mods because of his dress, here being a stereotypical parka coat with a smart shirt and tie underneath. These pictures of Steve Marriott from The Small Faces, as well of Pete Doherty, taken from The Mod Generation magazine, are the ideas that I was hoping to achieve in the shot beside it, of my model. The use of the mod target on the contents page also appeals to my audience, being a recognised logo for the tribe, as does the continuing colour scheme of blue, red and white, used for the headline on the front cover. The language that I have chosen to use for the article is kept informal, also fitting of the mod culture as slang is commonly used. I asked a range of people in my target audience what they thought of my magazine and to pick out the pro's and con's. Firstly I showed them my front cover and the feature that was liked by most of the audience was the photo as it was of "high quality", as well as the "British colours" used in the headline. The only negative point made was regarding the "FREE POSTER INSIDE", as it the colours seemed "out of place" and could have been positioned in a better place. On the double page spread one person liked the photograph as it was "unique and interesting", however another suggested that the text could have been "larger or clearer". In relation to the contents page the group enjoyed the use of colours again, as well as the "professional" looking photos. A downside was the deadspace that could have been filled, possibly even in "another colour".
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