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Shelby Chouinard

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Horror

By:Shelby Chouinard
Andreia DaFonte
Destiny Jordan
Kate Carreiro Horror influences us? Charles Manson 1960s-1970s Charels Manson born November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio was an active serial killer and cult leader in the later 1900´s. He also was an active musician in popular band.
On August 10, 1969 Charels had lead four of his ¨family¨(Charles ¨Tex¨ Watson, Susan Watkins, Patrica Krenwinkel ans Linda Kasabian) as he called them to bruetly murder actress; Sharon Tate, writer; Wojciech Frykowski and his partner Abigail Folger with celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring at the house of Polanski who was away in london shooting a film.
The Manson ¨family¨ was arrested on the belief of vandalizam. In 1969the sherriff did not know he had murder suspects on his hands. The confession of Susan led detectives to the family being involved in the murders. Sources Used http://www.horrorfilmhistory.com/index.php?pageID=1940s
http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/horror World War II was the turning point for horror. Adolf Hitler had just gotten into power in Germany in 1933. To gain power and control he quickly associated himself with the wolf. Since ‘Adolf’, in Old German, meant ‘noble wolf’ it was a perfect wise and frightening animal to be connected with. During Mansons trial he came out with an album called ¨lie¨ to help raise money for his defense. Manson also revealed to the media and during court proceedings showed up with an X carved into his forehead. Which influenced many people, for instance some female followers copied the act and shaved there heads some even sitting outside the court house. Another example of how the media showing all this to people influenced them to do things they wouldnt have done in which dehuminizes them in a way that gave the Manson ¨family¨ although in custody control and power over these people. During investigations the Manson family answered why they felt the need to kill. In an investigation of the murders when asked why they wanted to kill these people, Susan said that the Manson family wanted to commit murders that would shock the world and make people take notice. By the Manson family saying themselves that they wanted to kill to make people take noticed around the world, this means affecting the media. Most people belive everything the media says, the Manson family wanted the media to tell the world what they did in order to influence and provoke the people of the world. Doing this dehuminizes the people and the victums killed, making the victums not so important as in they were just killed for the sake of media they were basiclly used, and the people will live and view everything from then on based on the murders not as human life like they should. As this as an inspiration, the 1940s became an era of animals combined with humans. 1941’s ‘The Wolf Man’ became a horror story inspirited by Hitler’s own. The military action of WW2 had left over 40 million dead, and millions more exposed to the full spectrum of man's inhumanity to man. Homecoming soldiers and bereaved widows had too many horror stories of their own to appreciate fantasies on the big screen. Even the idea of Communism not only affected the soldiers and their

family, also all of America. It was an unknown idea, which scared many people because they thought of the terrible things that Communists could do physically and mentally to humans. 90's
NOW As the years go by, people are left more and more unaffected and undetoured by horror movies . Its not the quality of the gore nor the lack of twisted creativity that has been lessening, no those qualities are more predominant than ever. What is leaving people so null to seeing such evil is the simple fact that they have adapted to it. It takes quite a feat to scare the populace of today. Some have gone beyond simply being null to the horrow, and have crossed into demented admiration; there have even been cases of "copy-cat" killings; As seen on TV. 1940s
Horror With the fear of war sprouting in Korea and Vietnam, people lived in terror of the deadly catastrophe that could happen. That is not incruding how modern technology affected the war for the worst. More people could die, created destroyed families horrible stories of death. Adding color to a film created the sense that people were really there at that deadly scene. One of the greatest films of the 50s to have a monster, color, and death was the 'The Tingler.' This was also the age from where the writer Stephen King became inspired. When they would scream, they would laugh because there were so little opprotunities to do so, and that is why people loved horror movies! 1950s
Horror World War II had a great impact not only 1940s, also in the 1950s. On
both sides of the war, there were developers of the atomic bomb and
the death camp.These ideas inspirited the horror of Frankenstein
and Dr. Moreau. Post – war posterity brought America into a state
of horror with new breeds of monsters adapted to survival like the
wolfman, zombies, and aliens. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please don't panic, but SCREAM. Scream for your lives. The Tingler is loose in this theatre. If you don't scream, it will kill you."
--- The Tingler SAW The inspiration for a seemingly harmless prank
almost cost a woman her life. Two girls, both aged 13, prank called Beverly Dickson, claiming that it was the notorious killer on the phone, and that she had to "... decide if life is worth living for". They told her a friend was tied up in her house, and she needed to get there within 10 minutes, otherwise the house would fill with a toxic gas if she did not stop it, and it would kill her friend. Beverly recieved this message while sitting in a funeral procession, and had a stroke. American Psycho (2000) is a film like all others, and it has fans like all other films. However, one fan, Brian Douglas White took being a mere fan and turned it into a dark obsession. His Facebook wall was full of disturbing quotes and and references to the movie.
When his former girlfriend, Desiree Staperfene, broke it off with him, it is no suprise that he would find solice in his favorite movie; Natural Born Killers has actually inspired an array of murders The definition of Horror is an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, and terrifying.
As human beings we are curous about death and torture, which has led to the creatoin of millions of horror films.
Some of the first horror films where created in the 1915-1920s, most where silent films and in black and white. The first ever horror film was silent and in black and white, the name of the movie was Golem and was directed by Paul Wegener.
The second horror film was made in 1919, and was directed by Robert Wiene. The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari is often referred to as the 'granddaddy of all horror films'; it had great influence on the horror films being made at that time period and films still yet to come.
In the 1922 Nosferatu was the first vampire movie created.
Why do we enjoy being scared and what makes us want to watch our fellow man being killed? Maybe its the adrenalin rush we get when the villian comes to get his victim. One thing for sure is that as the years pass our version of horror changes to become more gruesome and more graphic. Yet we don't care we enjoy watching others killed as long as its a movie right, who cares. Pictured; Top Left- Robert Thompson, Top Right- Jon Venables,
Bottom Center- James Bulger (March 16, 1990 to Febuary 12, 1993)
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1256190/Revealed-The-horror-drawing-Jon-Venables-weeks-killed-James-Bulger.html#ixzz1LkxIA8UX http://brainz.org/15-films-inspired-real-life-crimes/
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2125420/Brian-Douglas-White-Facebook-boasts-American-Psycho-fan-hacked-exs-mother-boyfriend-dead.html#axzz2K5NFVOXl However, he did so in the wrongest of ways. . Brain abducted Desiree, her mother, Angela and her new boyfriend, Jacob then proceded to chop Angela and Jacob with Desiree being forced to witness this gruesome, and heart wrenching feat. Desiree escaped after a short struggle with Brian who shot himself in the head quickly after. The weapon that was used to chop up Angela and Jacob was the same that Patrick Bateman used to kill Paul Allen; an axe.
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