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The Darker Side of Media

Some of the bias in media, revealed!

Dennis Chau

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of The Darker Side of Media

Confirmation Bias Seriously, who hasn't
heard of this? The Iceberg of
Consciousness Fake Pillars "Many people say"
"Experts believe"
"Skeptics say"
Making a claim without support/credentials
The rationale is that "someone" will make the argument
Strawman-type usage, indirect argumentation due to arbitrary similarities Implying/Creating Causation "Boy, 13, Fired Shotgun Into Cousins Face After Playing Gangster Game"
"Teenager stabbed at Midnight Launch of Violent Video Game"
Which sounds more interesting, "Boy Stabs Cousin to Death" or "Deadly Stabbing Between Two Boys Playing Grand Theft Auto"?
Slight difference in words means everything! Half-Truths "US Court Rules 'Zombies Have Free Speech Rights'"
"The Internet Will Make You Smarter, Claims Study"
"Meningitis Victims Face Long, Uncertain Recovery"
Certain (Often crucial) details are left out
Contradictions might even come up
"Police Insist: When Huskies Win, There's More Trouble"
TECHNICALLY true, but very sensationalist in nature Defined as the tendency of
people to favor information
that coincides with their
own personal views Facebook
Virtually all social media
Even Amazon/eBay! Some Offenders It's that one person who only hears what they want to hear In some cases, it goes a bit far, no? Subtle Ways the Media Can Lie to YOU A condensed version The Agenda Advertising
Innate Bias
Cultural *Presentation not officially endorsed by the above brands Remember the first day?? Talk about stating the obvious... Obviously affecting reality Maybe it was SpongeBob? When there's no more room in hell,
protestors shall walk the Earth... Photos don't even have to be edited a lot of the times
You know those one or two "derp" face pictures?
Bolsters/Tarnish image or reputation Biased Photos Ready to save America,
one catastrophe at a time Looks painful, eh? It's like watching the years wash away Self-Explanatory Behold, the 50 Shades of Romney Subtle Lighting Tricks
Different Camera angles
Maybe straight photo editing Fascinating... More Photo Editing Before and After I don't even... Position of people plays an important role The truth in that is depressing Nice, American Senator MURDER! As if he was never there... "Man Shoots Daughter's Boyfriend in Groin"
"Man Shot in Groin Over Teen Girlfriend"
"Dozens Killed in Bombing"
"Canadian Bombers Kill Dozens"
Once again, all TECHNICALLY true
Manipulate people's feelings on a subject Active Voice Reality TV does motivate one to do some crazy things... ...Oh dear. Not the best way to end a date "Steve Jobs Refuses to Expose Demographics"
"Steve Jobs Tries to Cover up Apple's Racial Profile" Guessing Motives Who knew? Returning a dropped toy or playing Han Solo? Leads back to sensationalism
What's true isn't always interesting Why Should You Care? Cogita Tute - Think For Yourself At The Heart Of It All Technically true, right?
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