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Pirate Project

No description

Nick Whitaker

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Pirate Project

Pirates have been around for a long time, hiding treasure and plundering rival ships. Using a vast amount of weapons and ships. Today there are still pirates out there, a kind of pirate that doesn't hide or seek treasure. These pirates are the Somalia Pirates, and they hijack ships then loot them. The History of Pirates By: Nick Whitaker,
Luis Ceja, Taylor Nguyen,
and Tony Easo Conclusion How Pirates Began Famous Pirates Ships Weapons Of Piracy Pirate Project Modern Piracy Pirates had a wide range of weaponry due to their scavenging. The most common weapons were the cutlass, musket, rifle, flintlock pistol, and boarding axes. The rare weapons were usually given to the captain. Captains were known to carry four swords. The Duckfeet were prized possesions for the pirates because of there four barrels. Katanas were given to captains because the villagers did not want to be harmed. Pirates Began thousands of years ago in the Mediterranian and Agean seas. Back then, barbarian cosairs dominated the seas separating North Africa and Southern Europe. While having bases in Cilcia. Meanwhile up north vikings constantly raided european coastlines taking loot and slaves. Then bringing the plunder back to their homes in Norway, Finland and Sweden. There aren't many pirates anymore. The few that are left usually hijack boats and ships. Most of the few left are called the Somalia Pirates. They hijack boats and kill the passengers for there money and valuables. William Kidd What is a Pirate? Edward Teach (Blackbeard) Davy Jones Patchy the Pirate Pirates are people who steal, kill, and other do other misfortunes. Piracy was considered banned in all the oceans because the loss of money was a great issue. Pirates usually consisted of poor or deserters searching to make money real fast. Pirates were recruited everywhere considering not many people wanted to risk their lives being hung. Patchy the Pirate is a pirate who hosts special episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. He has a pet parrot, Potty who disobeys whatever Patchy wants him to do. In one episode he ventures to the park to find the lost episode which is buried in a chest under the park. One of the most common ships that
pirates used was the Frigate.This ship would usually weigh around 360 tons to 550 tons. Pirate ships were built to be sleek, fast, and destructive.Pirates had to used large ships to carry their crew and their "Booty".Most pirates would get ships with many cannons to attack other ships. Davy Jones is the captain of the 'Flying Dutchman'. He flies around searching for souls to serve him in his crew. He fell in love with the sea goddess Calypso. The only catch is that he could only see her once every ten years. The next time he was supposed to see her she didn't show. He was so heartbroken that he cut it out and placed in a chest know today as the Dead Mans Chest. Captain William Kidd was one of the most notorious pirates in the history of the world. He was a Scottish sailor who was tried and executed for piracy after returning from a voyage to the Indian Ocean. He learned at his trial that he was charged with murder.
Kidd was hanged and was gibbeted over the River Thames at Tilbury Point as a warning to future would-be pirates for three years. Edward Teach was known as Blackbeard. He was a notorious English pirate who operated around the West Indies and the Eastern coast of the American colonies. He captured a French merchant vessel, renamed her Queen Anne's Revenge, and equipped her with 40 guns. He got killed by Lieutenant Maynard and his crew. Blackbeard got shot 5 times and was cut about twenty. Lieutenant Maynard cut off Blackbeard's head and hung on the mast. Thanks For Watching! yeah buddy!!!!!
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