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Characters in The Man Who Was Poe

This prezi is about the different characters in the story, The Man Who Was Poe by Avi. This prezi describes the characters and how they are connected.

Lauren Harkins

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of Characters in The Man Who Was Poe

The Characters In
The Man Who Was Poe Edmund Shorter than Sis Fair hair Frail Sad and pale Obedient Protective of Sis The Old Man Bent Over Bad Eyes White Hair Had a Cane Was Lost and Confused Mr. Peterson 16 or 17 years old Extremely blonde hair Blue eyes Works at the bank Put up an ad looking for a job The Old Man is connected to Mr. Peterson because they are the same person. Mr. Rachett Portly Great whiskers Pink lips Panicked at the sight of Edmund Red face Mr. Peterson and Mr. Rachett are connected because they worked together on the kidnappings and robbery. Mr. Rachett and Edmund are connected because Mr. Rachett is Edmund's stepfather. Sis Loves fairy tales Daring Adventurous Light hair Taller than Edmund Edmund is connected to Sis because they are brother and sister. Also, they are twins. Mum Married to Mr. Rachett Came to America for a divorice Sis is connected to Mum because Mum is her mother. Also, they were both kidnapped. Dead Aunty Pru Fair hair Shocked expression Pretty Thin, young body Covered in green slime Mum is connected to Aunty Pru because they are sisters and twins. Mr. Fortnoy White Hair Aunty Pru is connected to Mr. Fortnoy because he pulled her out of the water. Night watchmen Worked on the Lady Liberty Short Ferret-faced Throck Powerfully built Scar on the left cheek Likes shoes with pearl buttons Bald Huge hands Face was broad, flat, and round Mr. Fortnoy is connected to Throck because they are friends and are both on the night watch. Dupin Is a writer Carries a carpetbag Creates aliases Is also known as Edgar Allan Poe Gets drunk often Has a moustache Black hair Pale Eyes were deep, dark, and intense Keeps information from Edmund Throck is connected to Dupin because they were both trying to figure out who murdered Aunty Pru. Mrs. Whitman Refers to Dupin as Poe Lives at 88 Benefit Street Brown eyes Rich Hair has ringlets Dupin is connected to Mrs. Whitman because he wants to marry her. Mrs. Whitman is connected to the Old Man because they both know Mr. Rachett more personally. Kidnapped by Mr. Rachett and Mr. Peterson Thin and filthy Clothes were dirty Face was tear streaked Loves violence
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