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English 12 Project

Kaitlyn Nortzk

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Censorship

Censorship Political correctness is the idea that
what you say should not offend anyone. The problem:
there is always someone,
somewhere, to get offended Authors that have had their books banned include
Dr. Suess
Judy Blume
J.K. Rowling
John Steinbeck
...and many, many more. Keep Your Opinion
To Yourself.
Why? I have the right
to offend you. the first ammendment exists to protect ideas and speech that are unpopular Shakespeare
Steven King
Katherine Paterson
Mark Twain
Today in schools censorship is alive:
students art work has been taken out of displays
poems and essays have been put under review
books have been banned from school librarys and classrooms
internet is monitored and censored By law in the US, in order to be played in a public
movie theatre a movie needs to have passed rating system. Censorship is in almost every aspect of your life;
whether you believe it or not. CDs with warning labels statisticaly sell less copies,
artists auto censor their content to sell the most copies copies
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