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Lincoln Steffens:Progressive Era

No description

destiny young

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Lincoln Steffens:Progressive Era

Muckrakers wanted to expose and reform the government.
Progressive Era
The progressive era was an era of social and political reform.
Lincoln Steffens
Lincoln Steffens was a reformer during the Progressive Era.
Lincoln Steffens wanted to expose the bribery and corruption in the government.
Lincolm Steffens Exposed William "Boss" Tweed by writing "Tweed Days in St.Louis."
Lincoln Steffens had a huge impact on the Progressive Era.
Lincoln Steffens:Progressive Era
During the Progressive Movement there was corruption in municipal government.
He was born April 6,1866 in Sacramento, California.
Boss Tweed
Boss Tweed was the head of the Tammany Hall political machine in 1858.
He studied at the University of California at Berkely.
After College he moved to New York.
The government took advantage of average people.
Tweed stole as much as 200 million dollars
in 1877 from New York taxpayers.
His Exposes helped build support for reform and change.
He accomplished these goals by writing books like " The Shame of the Cities", articles and by traveling.
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