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Bata Library Tour

A virtual tour of the Thomas J. Bata Library at Trent University, Peterborough, ON.

Jean Luyben

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Bata Library Tour

A Virtual Tour
Thomas J. Bata Library
Come for a walk around the Library.
The main entrance to the Library is on the 2nd Floor. Here you find many of the service points and staff.
It's the most active,
least quiet floor.
Main (2nd) Floor
The 3rd Floor is the SILENT floor.
No talking AT ALL, and no food.
3rd Floor
4th Floor
If you have any questions, let us know.
Email us at libraryhelp@trentu.ca.
That's the tour.
Bata Library
Trent University

1st (Lower) Floor
There are computers on this floor, where you can
login with your myTrent username/password.
These computers have the software you need for your work,
and you can print to networked laser printers.
In the Multimedia Room you'll find a variety of things.
The "Current Periodicals" are the latest issues of journals, magazines, &newspapers we get in print. They're shelved by title.
When they get older, they're bound in a hard cover and sent
up to the "stacks".
Only about 5% of our titles are in print (hard copy) - most are online.
Black & white photocopying costs $.06 per page when you use your TrentU card and $.10 per page when you use a photocopy card.
The photocopiers also scan to a USB drive, at no charge.
There's a "Viewing Room" for watching our VHS material.
Microforms (Fiche and Film) are kept in this room, along with the reader/printers required to view them. We have microfilm of some newspapers back as far as the 1700's.
Trent University Archives
Trent University Archives preserves historical records from Peterborough County and the surrounding area as well as the non-current records of Trent University.
Holdings comprise:
over 1,100 metres of textual records – family, business, association and institutional papers
38,000 photographs
maps and other graphic items
special collections of published materials which focus on rare Canadiana.
The Archives pages provide an overview of the department and policies as well as guides and some fascinating online exhibits.
Click on the arrows at the bottom of the screen to move through the tour.
There are two classroom labs on the 2nd Floor: BL 201 & BL 210.
We use them for Library Skills instruction, and they can also be booked by instructors through the University's Room Booking service.
When they're not used as classrooms, they're available as labs.
BL 210 is a Mac lab.
The Apex is a study area across the floor from the Service Desk.
It provides study space at tall tables with electrical outlets and a
scenic view over the river. Comfortable armchairs line the walkway.

This space was designed to feature the "Portal" sculpture donated to the
University by alum and artist David James, and installed in 2012.
Pay-Print stations are quality laser printers for your print jobs.
The cost is $.10 /page ($.50 /page for colour).
See our webpage on "Printing in the Library".
There are "Express" workstations you can use for a quick look-up. They can search our catalogue or online resources, but they don't print or email and not all websites are accessible.
Don't want to login?
"Learning Zones" throughout the Library identify noise levels and food allowed.
Signs are posted on all floors.
The Main Floor is green
. This means a fair amount of noise is tolerated (within reason - we are still a library) and this is the only floor where food is allowed - snacks only.
means only quiet talk is allowed.
- no talking or food AT ALL - that's on the 3rd Floor.
On the Main (2nd) Floor there are stacks with special collections:
Reference books
dictionaries, encylopedias, directories, etc.
large books that don't fit on regular shelves
Science Fiction
a unique non-circulating collection
classroom resources for Teacher Education
On the Main Floor there's a variety of study areas:
large tables for group work
study carrels with electricity (by the windows)
study carrels without electricity
some comfortable reading chairs
There's a lot of natural light and views of the river.
Entrance to Bata Library.
The Self Checkout machine allows you to sign out items during extended (late) hours when there's no staff, or if you just don't feel like waiting in line.
As you enter the Library, the book returns are on your right.
The Service Desk provides staff assistance for Library Service and IT Service.
These are books that your instructor has set aside
for your class.
They're kept behind the Service Desk, filed by call number.

Your syllabus tells you what
has to be read for each class.
If it's a Reserve book,
you can come to the Library
to sign it out for 3 hours.
Library Reserves
Not all your course readings will be available this way - you'll also have links to online material through your myLearningSystem (Blackboard) course.
And, of course, you need to purchase your textbooks.
Our collections are spread over 4 floors.

Signs throughout the Library help you locate what you need.

TOPCAT (the Library catalogue) gives you the
call number & location of everything we have.

This sign tells you where to find them.
Let's go up to the 3rd Floor now.
There's a staircase in the centre of the Library.
An elevator is behind the stone wall.
BL 314 is a Grad Student quiet study lounge, on the 3rd Floor, with a view of the bridge.
There's a bookable Group Study Room, called the "Reid Morden" room. (BL 309)
Find a link to book group study rooms on our homepage.
There are a lot of books (stacks) on this floor -
Call Numbers
A - PR.
There is quiet private study space:
carrels with electricity by the windows
other study carrels and single desks
Grad Students can rent these lockable private carrels for the year.
MaDGIC: Maps, Data & Government Information Centre
MaDGIC serves as the campus centre for geospatial and numeric data, statistics, government publications, aerial photography, maps and other cartographic resources.
The map collection includes ca. 82, 236 sheet maps,
24, 063 aerial photographs, and an extensive
collection of atlases, gazetteers, manuals and guides.
It covers mainly Canadian material but other countries are well represented.
MaDGIC provides geospatial and statistical information obtained from federal, provincial and municipal governments, public agencies, private companies and some international organizations. Data sets vary in geographic coverage and theme, and include such topics as water, wetlands, vegetation, forestry, elevation, and much more.
There are two classrooms on the 4th Floor, BL 401
BL 402;
and 16 private study carrels available for use by anyone, on a first-come, first-served basis.
more open carrels by windows for natural light;
We provide access and assistance with the publications, documents and other resources issued by governments or their agencies.
Ask the staff in the offices for help.
The Government Publication collection is a rich source of primary materials, covering topics diverse enough to be of interest to every discipline. You can find information about the inner workings of government, locate a bill and all its amendments, access government funded research, examine technical reports, track your MP's voting record, read through transcripts of legislative debates, compare and contrast census records of population and agriculture over time, read Supreme and Federal Court case reports and much more.
The top floor has more
book stacks, study space,
and MaDGIC!
Plus the Library Administration Offices.
Below the Main Floor is the 1st Floor. You'll find:
computers, scanner & printer
group study rooms (5)
Trent University Archives

Non-Library spaces:
Smith Conference Room (BL 107)
Film Theatre (BL 103)
Language Lab (BL 102)
University Administration offices
IT offices
Group Study Rooms are small rooms you can reserve for up to two hours. There are 7 rooms at Bata that can be booked:
309 on the 3rd Floor
202 on the 2nd Floor
and 5 on the 1st Floor
Book these rooms online, from a link on the homepage.

You need a myTrent
username in order to
book them, and it must
be for the purpose of
The music is "Mining by Moonlight", provided by Kevin MacLeod as royalty-free music: http://incompetech.com/music
Let's head on up the 4th Floor.
To finish our tour, we need to go all the way back down to the 1st Floor.
The last thing I'd like you
to know about the Library is that
the majority of our resources are online,
so we're as much a virtual presence
as a physical building.

Check out our website for resources, guides,
and information about our services:
The walls of our 1st Floor feature portraits of past Trent University Presidents
The sounds and smells of food & packaging are distracting to those
who want silent study.
Use the arrows below to move through the screens at your own pace.
See our webpage on "Finding Reserves":
"Library Service" is where you sign out items, ask questions, pay fines, and pick up ILL orders & Reserve readings for classes.
"IT Service" helps with computers, networks, and systems issues on campus.
There are links to our website within this presentation -
they open in a new window/tab.
You may need to allow pop-ups on this site for them to work.
In full screen mode, you may be returned to partial screen view after following a link - just click full screen again.
If you don't want to follow the links now, you can easily find these pages on our website later.
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