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3 possible solutions to scarce natural resources

Ways to save the earth from its disturbing problems

sam peter

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of 3 possible solutions to scarce natural resources

The 3 top scarce natural resources which are being used and RUNNING OUT. What are the top 3 scarce natural resource that are running out 1. Water This is what will happen if water runs out . Information on water This clip only shows the amount of water used in America imagine the amount used in the world. 2. Oil What is the problem with oil These pictures sow what will happen when oil runs out.
People will go mad and won't be able to build building because everyone needs oil. 3. Natural gases NOW... The Solution One way to save water is by reducing the amount of water being used at home especially in the shower Secondly, the way to save oil is to Don't buy bottled water and purchase organic or locally grown food. Be less of a consumer. Each product you purchase consumed fuel to be shipped. To save Natural gas you can check you temperature when using the hot water.
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