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Slave Spirituals and Superstitions

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Zhane Cooper

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Slave Spirituals and Superstitions

Slave Spirituals and Superstitions
Spiritual Proposes
Origins of Slave Superstitions
Spiritual Objects
Slaves sang as an expression of dramatic values and community solidary. that mean that everyone in the comunity would come together.
They sang as a source of inspiration and motivation

The sang as an expressiomn of protest, also as coded communation which means there is a message they are sending when they sing.
The word superstition origionated from the latin word "Superstitio" which means tand in awe. also it came from another latin word "Supertes" meaning outliving and striving.
Superstition was a way to deal with ignorance and fear from things that are unknown
Superstition was a way to basically regain control ones life from misfortune.
Divining Stick
Slaves were known to have these objects hanged on their walls to invoke the protection of the spirits. These would also be used to answer questions.
Some songs include "How do You Do, Ev'rybody".
"Run,Mary, Run, You Got a Right To The Tree of Life".
Spiritual songs

White people believed that African Americans healers started to used this and accuse them of being superstious. Some slaves were very knowledgable when it came to using this plant for healing and herbal medicines.
Divining Stick
slaves believed that placing this by a door way would brotect their homes or sleeping quarters protected from evil spirits from trying to enter.
Iron Kettles
WHY Were Spirituals Important to Slaves???
Slaved need to meet one another to share their joy, pains and hopes. The lyrics of the spirituals were directly related to the slaves lives. At church, hymn were sung. Spirituals played a big part in slaves lives. it gave them the privilege to express themselves.
They believed that if a spider built its web in your house then you may have a visitor of the same color come. another thing that they believed in was that if anyone dreamed of blood, that it would only mean teouble in the near future.
If someone dies, and comes back to worry you, nail some lumber into your house and you wont be disturbed. it was also thought that of you lick the back of your hand and swallow nine times, without taking a break, then hiccups would be cured.
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