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Angela Davis

No description

Marie Washington

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Angela Davis

Angela Davis and the fight for peace, equality, and the end to brutality Born on January 26, 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama.
Childhood experience with racism

Childhood College Days Brandeis Univeristy in Massachusetts
Became involved in groups such as the Black Panthers and the Che-Lumumba.
Traveled to Paris in 1964 and became more intrigued by the ideas of Karl Marx and communism
Back to the states
California Continues her studies in philosophy
Becomes involved in the community by assisting to get prisoners out of jail
Feminist criticism
Communism+teaching=BAD. Hired as a teacher in the Philosophy department at UCLA.
Letters responding to her sudden discharge
Beginning of the Prisoners Movement
Speaking out against the political system

George Jackson
Accused of commiting a 70 dollar theft crime and is haivng to serve anywehre between 1 year and life
organized his fellow prison mates around a common cause
He was refused parole because “he was doing the kind of work that was very threatening to the prison system because he was calling for unity.

Soledad Brother a series of letters written by george jackson that discussed his day-to-day experiences as a minority struggling to survive the grotesque conditions of prison life.
Through his letters he exposed the truths behind the living conditions for inmates and the lack of respect they received from the guards and other people in charge of their well-being.
Angela faced with ridicule
The Trial august of 1970
Courtroom held at gunpoint by 17-year-old Jonathan jackson
5 hostages, 3 prisoners, and a shoot out
guns registered to Angela davis which lead to her arrest in new york city

Angela's Arrest aided in the publishing of George Jackson's "Soledad letters" after his death
New york women's house of detention
wanted all people to be able to read Jackson's book
refused to remain quiet
became interested in women's imprisonement (family separation)
What is she up to now? continues to be a feminist in the prison Abolitionist movement
majority of people in prison are minorities
"black, Latino, and Native American communities now have a greater chance of going to prison than of getting a decent education" Tough on crime increase in the "tough on crime" state of mind during the reagan era
strove for a higher number of prisons and even higher amount of incarcerations
higher popualtion in prisons=increase in number of prisons that had to be built
"more than twenty percent of the world’s combined prison populations can be claimed by the United States"
harsh conditions still exist
psychiatric treatments

..Thesis.. Head-strong and self-motivated about a need for change, davis dedicated her entire being to fighting for peace, equality, and the end to brutality by leading the nation in the prison abolitionist movement.
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