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No description

Emily Funk

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Heroin

What is heroin? a
highly addictive
It penetrates the
central nervous
the United states does not
use heroin for medical use
Pure heroin is a white powder with
a bitter taste
It is sold usually as white or brownish powder
and sometimes is cut with other drugs and substances
such as sugar starch, powdered milk, ect.
The results of consuming this drug creates a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Short term effects Long term effects Heroin is made from the single
base- morphine.
Morphine comes from opium, which
is found in the fruit of opium
poppy. Once this fruit is harvested,
it is separated into
Thebaine Codeine is then converted into morphine sulfate. These sulfates are then removed which creates a morphine freebase that is converted into heroin. •Extreme craving for the drug
•Muscle and bone pain
The first day or two after the withdrawal are the worst time for the affects WITHDRAWAL hi How is Heroin Made? The Effects of Heroin -memory loss
-strips your body of nutrients
-teeth start to rot
-loses lots of weight
-skin and eyes will start to turn yellow due to inevitable liver damage
-bad acne from constantly touching and scratching your face. How is Heroin used? -Most of the heroin that comes into the USA is from either Colombia or Mexico
-Dominican street gangs distribute the heroin on the east coast
-Mexican gangs control most of the Midwest and west coast
-the white powder heroin comes from columbia which is a more potent form than the black tar heroin from Mexico Where is Heroin made? HEROIN Planning 10
Block 5
December 7th/2012 By: Kyleigh Thomson and Emily Funk Heroin can be smoked with tobacco, heated on tin foil, snorted, or injected
Injecting heroin can take place just below the skins surface (skin popping) or directly into a vein (mainlining) How much is Heroin? -a gram of heroin cost from $100-$300 causes him or her to feel self-confident and pain free, but once the high is over the user will begin to go into deep depression that can sometimes cause the user to commit suicide. What are the cures for heroin addiction? Detoxification
Methadone programs
LAAM (synthetic opiate that can block heroin addiction effects up to 72 hours
Behavioural therapies DRUG REHAB Drug rehab - Rehab usually depends on the amount of drugs you have consumed, and how it has effected your body.
There are processes that can determine the steps you will have to take to overcome the addiction.
Finding the root of the problem (why you first used the drug) this can sometimes be the only way to lead to behavioral change!
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