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Book about me

A book about me

saira lemus

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Book about me

BOOK ABOUT ME! I can't drawn but I do write. Kindergarten I was born on April 19,1998 Feb. 29, 2012 I got my first dog Little me FAMILY My Pelusa<3 My Two Best Friend I met Sara in 6th Grade but we didn't become best friend until 7th grade SPORTS Writing I met Norberto in 7th grade. I didn't become close to him until the summer after 7th grade. I was only two when I started. I've been doing MMA for 4 years. I started playing soccer in the 6th grade. I started track & field in 7th grade All the notebooks are just filled with writings This is some that aren't in notebooks This was two hours after being born. NOW: I'm an only child. I have cousins that are like my brothers and sisters. I almost died at birth My name is Saira and not one usually says it right I moved to the U.Swhen I was just 5 and had to do kindergarten again She's my daughter
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