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Silicon Valley

How things work in Silicon Valley

John Dow

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Silicon Valley

US Entrepreneurship Many small "fearless" entrepreneurs Culture supports entrepreneurship Encouraged, even if it fails If promising, easy access to capital Follows trends (for consumption and funding) Move fast, "fly by the seat of your pants" Very lively Sillicon Valley Majority of technology startups in US A few copies/rivals around the world, but still dominating DISRUPTION OF EQUILIBRIUM
Very Strong history Netscape Yahoo Sun Cisco Google Twitter Tesla Types of entrepreneurs in Sillicon Valley Spinoffs notice something in their former job that could be done better Team leaves together layoffs bankruptcies good idea ignored Ramen entrepreneur starve for 3-6 months while creating prototype roadshow cafe as office
Y combinator TechStars IO Ventures Free Pizza events Networking very easy Everyone knows each other and collaborates Stanford Students and professors go back and forth between uni and companies Guest lectures Tech talks Leave of absence for starting company Sand Hill Road Major VCs Sequoia KPCB Softbank Germany Entrepreneur Salary Profund Very good state funding Needs to change the perception/culture around entrepreneurs and failure too much emphasis on early funding start small and grow organically
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