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Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

A book report.

Madison Carter

on 17 August 2011

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Transcript of Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer By John Grisham Main Characters Theodore Boone Theodore Boone is a 13 year old boy. Both of his parents are lawyers, and he plans on being one himself when he gets older. He's an only child. He lives in Strattenburg. He has a pet dog named "Judge", which he rescued from animal court. He loves law and wants to be at about every court case. Pete Duffy Pete Duffy was claimed to have killed his own wife for life insurance money. He thinks that no one knows except himself who did it. He lives in a fancy and private part of Strattenburg. He claims to have been playing golf, as usual, at the time of the murder. Bobby Escobar Bobby Escobar works at the same golf field that Pete was playing during the murder. He believes that he has crucial evidence in the case, but is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador. If he were to report to the police, he would be brought into custody and shipped back to El Salvador. Ike Boone Ike Boone is Theo's uncle. He used to be a lawyer and worked with Theo's parents, but did something bad enough to have his licence taken away. He works as a tax lawyer. Main Idea #1 Pete is accused of murdering his wife. Theo convinces the judge and his teacher to take his class on a field trip to watch the opening of the trial. Half of his class thinks he's innoccent, and the other thinks he's guilty. Theo thinks that Pete is guilty, but the other side has no way to prove it. Main Idea #2 Theo visits the homeless shelter to help children with their homework. Julio Pena, a cousin of Bobby Escobar, informs Theo that Bobby may have some useful informatoin on the trial. Theo visits Bobby and learns that Pete entered his house a few minutes before the murder, and left a few minutes after. He tells his uncle Ike the information, but doesn't tell the identity of Julio or Bobby. They both tell Theo's parents, who inform the judge. Main Idea #3 Theo helps out one of his classmates named Mellie in Animal Court. Her dog was taken to the pound for escaping and damaging public property. He helps her get the dog back. Conclusion The judge calls a mistrial after hearing the new infomation. Bobby and the Pena family get a new house and he begins to get his citizenship. Bobby is going to be a witness in the new trial. So, basically, everything turns out A Okay in the long run. The End. :p
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